Gain Control over Wealth with US Money Reserve Self-Directed IRA

Authoritative websites give you valuable information, so you can better control your wealth. The new US Money Reserve is just such a website. It has improved navigation and can help you with wealth management, using a “Self-Directed IRA.”


“Wealth Management Found Here”


Many Americans have been blessed with a lot of wealth. Over time, they might need to spend more time on wealth management. Besides stock, bonds, mutual funds and real estate, they might want to add some gold and silver coins to their estate.


It used to be that your aunt might purchase a gold coin for you. That was simplistic wealth planning. Times have changed, but the medium for money has not. Now, you can add gold coins to your “Self-Directed IRA.”


The new US Money Reserve gives you the products and means to engage in successful wealth management. It is kind of a do-it-yourself (DIY) wealth management website. And who knows more about “how gold coins can be a form of wealth management,” than US Money Reserve President & former US Mint Director Philip Diehl?


“Gold Store of Wealth”


Money has many characteristics: medium of exchange, bill of account and store of wealth, to name a few. Gold is money because it has all of these attributes. Gold is a better store of wealth than a stock or bond.


While your corporate stock certificate is valuable, giving you a stream of income based on profits, it does not store wealth, per se. The underlying company is the valuable asset. You own a piece of the company, along with all the other stockholders.


With gold coins, you own 100% of the underlying asset. If you decide to purchase a Gold Austrian Philharmonic Coin from US Money Reserve, it is a solid store of gold wealth. When the spot price increases, your wealth increases.


“Control Self-Directed IRA”


Although not affiliated with the US Mint, the US Money Reserve has the latest news on important financial developments. The “Self-Directed IRA” is one such program. You can go on the website and click on “IRA Program” for more information. Diversify your financial portfolio, by adding gold and silver coins.


You have options and can control your own IRA by using the “transfer” or “rollover” method. You can learn more about controlling your wealth and destiny with the “Self-Directed Gold IRA Store of Wealth.” Find more information at the US Money Reserve.

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