Conversion Rate Optimization And AI Are Bringing The Travel Industry Into The Future

Online Travel

The industry of online travel is growing fast, and the estimation is a generation of $1,091 billion by 2022. Artificial intelligence, or AI, is bringing more value to the consumers and speeding up the process.

Website Optimization

AI is being applied to bookings, cars, hotels, flights and important upgrades. Online bookings involve numerous pages and clicks, causing many consumers to drop off. Website optimization is making the process less complicated, and is becoming critical for the travel industry. Along with optimizing the websites, higher conversions from visitors are being achieved with conversion rate optimization. Multivariate testing technologies can test numerous website elements including color scheme, layout and font size. The best possible combinations are being applied to increase consumer conversions. AI has advanced evolutionary algorithms by testing various website designs. As websites with the most appeal are developed, more consumers are completing their purchases due to conversion rate optimization.

The Personalization

AI solutions are being used in the travel industry, and personalized advertisements are created to attract consumers. Defined demographics are being met with text designed to create interest and appropriate images. Ads are changed at the last moment to display alternate destinations, carriers and flights. Machine-learning algorithms, and AI are optimizing the experiences of the consumer to reach the right individual at the right moment.


Chatbots powered by AI are increasing in popularity within the travel industry. During the next three years, 68 percent of airlines intend to drive their customer service with the use of chatbots, and 52 percent plan to use AI powered programs. Chatbots can quickly answer common questions, and free human agents to deal with complex issues. This handles consumer concerns and queries efficiently, and increases job satisfaction. Half of all millennial agents felt more satisfaction, and were more committed when dealing with complex questions.

Email Marketing

AI algorithms are using complex data to identify the target demographics including age, gender, location, and the individual consumers propensity for travel. These consumers are being engaged based on their preferences and likes. Hundreds of emails are sent for marketing daily, and these campaigns are being personalized.

The New Digital Era

The travel industry is being changed due to website optimization, conversion rate optimization, chatbots and AI. Customer support questions are being answered by AI algorithms, marketing campaigns are being influenced with new technology, and the travel industry is becoming more efficient. Booking a vacation is becoming as simple as taking the vacation.