Benefits of trying NutriMost program

While some have found success with some of these programs often times they end up gaining the weight back that they had originally lost. The NutriMost program is one that has a different approach to achieving ones weight loss goals and has been proven to be effective with people who have achieved the results they wanted and kept unwanted weight off over long periods of time. NutriMost is a weight loss program based out of San Antonio founded by Dr. Rob Vasquez. Vasquez himself struggled with his weight for a very long time, trying countless diet and exercise programs before he started the program. He lost a total of sixty pounds and has kept it off for over a year using the Nutrimost program and achieved such good results that he decided to bring the program to San Antonio. The program according to NYC FatLoss works by being customized for each individual that uses the program. It teaches that everyone’s body composition and type are different so not every diet or exercise program is going to be as effective for everyone as it is for certain individuals. It uses resonant frequency which measures specific biomarkers throughout the body which are specific to metabolism. By measuring the hundreds of biomarkers throughout ones body it can go a long way in determining each individuals own nutritional needs.  The program also states that certain foods that most people consider generally healthy may be good for some people to eat while with others it may in fact slow metabolism and trigger fat storage. Source: