Samuel Strauch, Real Estate Investor in Miami

You must have heard about the magnificent and superb Samuel Strauch from Florida Miami. Mr. Strauch is a successful real estate investor in the bigger south Miami location and parts of Florida as well as areas around Latin America. Samuel Strauch is also recognized for having ventures in internet and restaurant businesses to supplement his real estate ventures.

The thirty years old real estate mogul is also an art enthusiast and an awesome photographer as he has his own collection of amazing photographs and artwork. He attends several art auctions to explore magnificent art pieces that he talks about during such events.

Success is not realized easily when starting a business and making it to thrive. Mr. Strauch started his business from scratch, but he had the educational background that he needed to start his business. From 1991 to 1994, Samuel attended the Hofstra University where he obtained his bachelor degree of arts in international business. He was always a dedicated and devoted student in school.

Now equipped with high-level skills in business from college, Samuel decided to push high education to another level as he knew education would be one of his key foundations to be successful. He enrolled at the Erasmus University, Rotterdam, where he studied international marketing and finance. After he was through with his education, Samuel moved to Miami where he started his real estate education.

Miami was mostly embraced by people as a vacation town that saw many tourists touring the areas many times around the year. Some of the real estate investors had stated transforming Miami into a metropolitan settlement area. Mr. Strauch saw this opportunity, and he immediately moved in, and his quick actions were worthwhile. Mr. Strauch embarked on several real estate projects that involved commercial and residential building in Miami, South Florida beach and in Latin America. He also grew his business by connecting real estate investors with potential clients and agents.

The connection of potential real estate investors with clients helped Mr. Samuel Strauch to establish his company foundations in equity sourcing, acquisitions, development, and management. His Metrik Real Estate Company gained confidence from clients around the world who were interested in investing in the booming real estate business in Miami. Samuel Strauch contribution cannot be ignored when it comes to mentioning of how Miami real estate developed making the town to transform from vacationing city to a metropolitan area.

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Todd Lubar Becomes a Leader in the Mortgage Industry

Todd Lubar has established himself as a leading businessperson. His business focus is to make himself a better person every day. He has worked for a long time in the real industry and knows how to run the mortgage sector to become successful. He had his education in Peddie Schools and Sidwell Friends School within Washington DC. Lubar graduated in 1995 with a Bachelor in Speech Communication at Syracuse University. He ventured to the real estate as a loan obligatory of Crestar Mortgage Company. As a committed entrepreneur, he learned about traditional banking relationships. He built a vast business network through networking with financial planners. He worked with other people in the financial industry such as insurance agents, CPA’s and real estate planners.

Mr. Lubar took his real estate business to the next step by opening Legendary Properties, LLC. The company deal with domestic financial developments. The company quickly grew to gain huge profits through rapid purchases. The company bought several buildings such as single family and multifamily homes. The real estate project gave him a chance to develop better business relationships with his clients. He got into contact with people experienced in trades boosting, housing and production of customized houses. The projects assisted him win other contracts with financial institutions. He was able to earn credits that went as high as twenty million dollars.

Todd Lubar’s primary focus in his career has been mortgage banking. The changes in the financial industry saw him involved in other businesses. He got into other firms such as commercial demolition industry and the recycling industry. The step saw his company become hugely successful and trade in the public marketplace. As a result of his various achievements, he ranked among the top 25 mortgage builders in the country. His experiences saw him learn how any business runs and excels. He today engages in another philanthropic venture at TDL Global Ventures. He is the president of this organization.

Todd Lubar lives in Bethesda Maryland where he lives with two children. He loves spending time with his children and traveling. His primary goal in life is to become a better person every passing day. To learn more about Mr. Todd Lubar, visit his Linked In page and website at

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