Securus Technologies – Providing Reliable and Affordable Law Enforcement Services

The field of prison communication and criminal justice technology is getting crowded with many new companies surfacing now and then. However, one of the companies that have achieved remarkable success in a very short period is Securus Technologies. Securus Technologies offer a wide variety of services to the inmates as well as the law enforcement agencies. The law enforcement agencies are able to perform more efficiently and safely in the field with the services offered by Securus Technologies.


The company’s focus is to offer reliable and affordable inmate communication services to the detainees and prisoners, and it does so with the use of advanced technology. Securus Technologies has so far invested over $600 million into research and development alone to make sure that the products and services offered to the end users are high performance oriented and useful. The company recently launched the new video visitation service that enables the family of the prisoners to meet their loved one in prison with the help of video services. It saves the money of the family to travel all the way to the prison facility and also helps in meeting virtually more often.


Securus Technologies to promote transparency recently released a press release online. The press release showcased how the services of the company are effective in keeping the crime rate low and equip the law enforcement officials with the latest technology that keeps them and the community safe.


Many different services are launched by Securus Technologies from time to time. It helps the law enforcement agencies as well as the inmate communication field tremendously. I work with the police authority and have used the services offered by Securus on many occasions. It has helped me get the information I needed to respond quickly and catch the drug peddler inside the prison space. I hope the company continues to develop and invent new services for the law enforcement agencies.



The Excellence Of Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies has completed so many jobs for the government in helping with their correction facilities, and they sought after with other companies clear across the nation. They receive many letters from their clients and customers, and they are publishing some of them so the public can see how important their work is.


They are also having the public down to their offices in Dallas, TX for a presentation of the complex. This way, they public can see the latest technologies that they are working on, and why they are so important for the safety of the inmates, as well as for the public.


The company has been the leader in the public safety field. They work diligently in order prevent and solve crimes in both the civil and criminal sectors of justice. They use their technologies to help and assist in safety issues, and they creating new ones on a weekly basis. This company deals with over a million inmates every year, and they are looking towards the future with great hopes that they can make the world a safer place for everyone. They have a dedicated staff that takes their responsibilities very seriously, and they care in an immense way.



Securus Technologies Issues Press Release

Securus Technologies is one of the leading providers of criminal and civil justice technology services for investigations, monitoring, and corrections. Just recently, the company decided to issue corrections to a press release that was issued by one of its main competitors, Global Tel. The press release was issued this year in May, but Securus Technologies felt that it was misleading to the public.


Securus Technologies had previously released a statement announcing the Patent Trial and Appeal Board had decided to validate twenty-five claims out of the twenty-seven. This was a true victory for Securus Technologies, but GTL decided to issue a statement that was clearly misleading. According to the management in Securus, the inaccurate statements is already in public, and it was important to correct it and provide clarification to the consumers.


Richard Smith is the Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies, and he says that the decision by GTL did not come as a surprise to them. Smith says that it was easy for GTL to mischaracterize the Patent Trial and Appeal Board ruling. This was a move by GTL to prove that Securus Technologies did not have adequate technologies, and the software development was not enough. However, the idea did not work.


Securus Technologies is headquartered in Texas, and it offers its services to over three thousand law enforcement, public safety and correction agencies in the United States. The privately held institution provides its services to more than one million inmates in Northern America, and it is recognized for providing inmates with the high-quality services at affordable rates. Since the company was founded, it has done its best to ensure that prisoners in the country communicate with their loved ones using the latest technologies. The company has introduced visitation options for the inmates, making visitation better and more affordable for the families and loved ones.