The Positive Message of Norka Luque’s Music

Norka Luque was born in Venezuela in 1986. Her musical journey has been under the professional guidance of Emilio Estefan, a famous producer from Latin America. Norka’s debut song, “Como lo Haces Tu” found her receiving a nomination for the Best Female Pop Artist in the Spanish awards of the Premios Lo Neustro.

Norka’s follow up single, “Milagro” was released in early 2012 and is also the name of her album. Multiple versions of “Milagro” were released, including salsa, urban and English language dance mixes. Each released mix was very successful in their respective charts.

The newest song from Norka Luque is named “Tomorrowland” and can be found on all of the popular digital music stores. Norka is continuing to write music and plans on releasing new material sometime in 2016.

Norka has been called a breath of fresh air as her music contains themes of positivity and inspiration to chase after your goals. Her own history is a plethora of of positive outlooks on life. To Norka, nothing is impossible.

At a young age, Norka found a creative outlet in music, and her desire has always been the same. She aims to give people the gift of hope and positivity with her music. Her parents had always been supportive of her aspirations. Norka was happy to have the opportunity to benefit from vocal training, piano lessons as well as dance styles such as flamenco and even ballet. Impressively, she kept up on all of these activities while simultaneously focusing on school.

In France, Norka attended college. With an educational portfolio that includes Business Administration as well as Fashion, Marketing and even Culinary studies, Norka has seized every opportunity that suited her. While studying in France she became part of a band, helping to keep her goals of bringing hope with her music alive and well.

4 years ago Norka caught the attention of Emilio Estafan. Norka was very happy, knowing that for many people, working with such a famous producer would be a dream come true. As a musician, Norka feels that it is her duty to deliver positivity to her every one of her fans. She understands that the words sung in the songs people listen to effect them. They cause them to connect with their feelings on a deeper level.