Who is Bernardo Chua And Why Do Consumers Love His Products?

If you keep up with business news, marketing and health issues, you probably know who Bernardo Chua is. If not, you probably know some of his companies or products. Bernardo is a household name in many parts of Asia and North America. This is because of his products such as teas, coffee and the famous Organo Gold. He is also a big name in the area of direct sales.

PR News Wire has it that Bernardo Chua was born in the Philippines, though he has Chinese ancestry. His Chinese background is to thank for his knowledge of herbs such as ganoderma, which he successfully introduced to the whole world.

The herb is a native of parts of Asia and has been used for many years for its health benefits. When he Bernardo discovered that he could turn the benefits into a cup of tea or coffee, he transformed the way people viewed the herb.

Benefits of Organo Gold Products

When he started marketing the products which his companies manufactured, Bernardo was of the view that the best method of selling the products was by direct sales. He is actually one of the very few people who used the model to introduce such a product into the market.

According to The Street, Bernardo Chua is big on educating the consumers on why they should take his products and how to use them. With a change in people’s mindset, they can embrace products and use them for their own good. Learn more about more Bernardo Chua: https://ca.linkedin.com/in/bernardo-chua-b96b54aa

It is also easy to get the products marketed and sold to even more people because of word of mouth recommendations by those who have used them.

Another benefit of the products is that they are natural and prepared with care. They come in packaging that is easy on the eye and they can be shipped to various places in the world. It is no wonder that more and more people buy and use Organo Gold products from all over the world.

For this reason, Bernardo has won various consumer awards and nominations. He continues to offer his target consumers the best and high quality teas, coffees and other healthy beverages.