I’ll Always Be A Fan Of FreedomPop Services

I want to get information straight from the horse’s mouth, so I read my own FreedomPop review because I was in the midst of switching phone companies. I liked the phone company I was with but wasn’t getting everything that I wanted or needed, so a switch to another company was inevitable. FreedomPop made the switch so easy for me, and the fact that I pay so little for the services makes me almost feel like I’m taking advantage of them! I’ve encouraged other family members to get on the FreedomPop train, but I know I’m the only one right now using their services.

I even have a friend that constantly complains about the high prices she’s paying to her service provider, but she still won’t switch over to FreedomPop because she feels a sense of loyalty to her company. I felt the same loyalty to my past phone company, but the constant rate hikes were too much for me. I know that when I stick with FreedomPop that I’ll only be paying a small fee of $19.99 per month, and I’ve never had a price hike since I’ve been with them. I also know exactly what comes with my plan.

I get unlimited talk, text messages, and my data is also included. I was worried about the data because I was told that I get 1 GB of 4G LTE data, but having 3G speeds after the 4G LTE data is depleted is just fine with me. I still surf the Internet and am able to watch videos and do everything normally with 3G speeds, so I’m satisfied with my service. I really can’t believe I’m only paying $19.99 for the service because it just seems too good to be true.

Another service that I also read about in the review was the Wi-Fi service, which is something that I’ve decided to pay for as well. Even though I can get by just fine with 3G data speeds, I sometimes need the higher speeds, which I can get with the Wi-Fi service. If I ever need to do some fast downloads on my phone, then using the Wi-Fi service to download the files will help me get the speeds I need to get it done quickly. I only pay five dollars each month for the Wi-Fi service, which is absolutely incredible. FreedomPop has made me a fan for life, and I don’t mind telling everyone.

Reference Link: http://ptmoney.com/freedompop-review/