Billy McFarland Innovater And Dynamic Business Leader

Billy McFarland is a dynamic business professional. Billy is motivated and driven to succeed in his areas of expertise. Billy believes that young professionals should have access to unlimited opportunities, and to be able to experience financial freedom. To achieve such a task, McFarland used his expertise after creating the Spling platform and developed the Magnises Card.

The Magnises card functions like a credit card but is not a credit card. Users obtain perks, and special deals and discounts when using the card. For financial use the card is linked to an active credit card or bank account of the users choosing. This method provides seamless transactions and allows the user to experience the perks and freedoms of high level users who possess a “black card”.

The Magnises Card promises to promote a status that is unlike any other card in the industry. Perks on the card can be gained and redeemed at a variety of bars, nightclubs, and restaurants. The Magnises Card is focused on servicing users ages 21-35. According to CNBC, Billy McFarland believes that this group of professionals is key to market to, because young professionals deserve to have all the rewards they can for being a loyal consumers.

The Magnises Card is available currently in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, Atlanta, and London. The strength of the Magnises Card is that it is a card that is rooted in a community of young professionals that understand the benefits of its use.

This community communicates to all its users regarding the rewards and priemer status that the Magnises Card represents. Billy McFarland continues to push forward as an innovator and leader, with the goal of making the Magnises Card available to all who would be able to enjoy its many privileges.