What Makes Richard Mishaan So Special?

As an interior designer, it is their job to give create the perfect space for a client. Mixing together styles and bringing design to life is a rare talent that so few designers have. One designer who has this talent is Richard Mishaan. Richard Mishaan has spent over 20 years designing beautiful homes for people and does so in an original way.


What makes Richard Mishaans style so unique is his uncanny ability to seamlessly connect pieces to pieces that do not match in style. He takes pieces separated by centuries and puts them into a design that makes them look perfect together. This rare ability is something many can try to replicate, but so few can do well.


Besides his ability to combine objects together, he is also a fan of using colors. In a time where so many have gone monochrome, Richard Mishaan is not afraid to add bold colors to rooms and designs. Even with his bolder choice in colors, his designs are classic and ones that people can enjoy for years. His talent of creating colorful designs that still have a timeless look is something that many people are drawn to.


Based in New York, Richard Mishaan spends most of his designing time in New York City. As it is known that New York City is home to many wealthy people, most of his clients are looking for a more luxurious design. With his talents, he has been able to deliver luxurious designs to people for the past couple of decades.


Richard Mishaan’s style is clearly shown in his books, especially “Artfully Modern.” In that book, people can get a close view of his own homes and how he brings his style to life in his amazing designs. Richard Mishaan was born in Columbia and attributes that to his unique and highly sight after style.


Richard Mishaan Design is a unique interior design firm that delivers clients a unique design that is simple and rare at the same time. His use of colors and eye-catching pieces is something that he does in such a beautiful way that it could pass as an art form.