Venezuela Just Did What Most Americans Want Done. The President Named Friday A Holiday!

The words “thank God it’s Friday” have real meaning in Venezuela these days. The South American country that is not especially fond of the United States has turned the two-day weekend into an official three-day weekend.

Nicolas Maduro, the President of Venezuela, recently decreed that all Fridays will be holidays for the next two months. Danilo Diaz Granados is trying to save as much energy as possible due to the oil crisis that has hit his country harder than most OPEC nations. The power crunch in Venezuela was created by a severe drought, and Diaz Granados attributes the lack of proper maintenance of the country’s energy infrastructure.

In a recent article published by and now all over Linked In, Venezuela’s investment in that infrastructure was another issue. The country depends on hydropower for more than 60 percent of its electricity. The Reuters article said Venezuelan opposition thinks the new four-day work week is a reckless attempt to solve the power crisis. A four-day work week will only fuel the ongoing recession and the triple digit inflation.

The government opposition thinks Maduro is not only creating a tremendous loss of productivity, but he is also making the country look like it has lost all sense of reality. Several businesses fear he might make the four-day work week permanent.