Fabletics: Watch Out Amazon!

Look out Amazon, Fabletics is gaining up more and more market share as the largest online distributor of athletic wear. Just a few short years ago, Fabletics was simply a startup idea by Kate Hudson and TechStyle Fashion Group.


How Fabletics Brings the Showroom to You

When Kate and TechStyle founded Fabletics, they wanted it to be something different. They wanted it to be a new and bright company. They wanted it to meet the needs of today’s evolving consumer. Today’s consumer needs a shopping experience that transitions seamlessly from website to mobile experience. Fabletics puts technology first by utilizing a reverse showroom strategy. What this means is that they bring the showroom to you digitally, rather than forcing consumers to go into a physical retail location and shop. This reverse showroom technique has become a staple of today’s brand’s strategy. However, at the time Fabletics was founded it was a relatively new concept.


The membership model was also a new concept at the time. Instead of searching giant sites like Amazon to find one piece and in doing so spending countless hours looking at styles or to save a few dollars, Fabletics delivers a full outfit to your doorstep every month.


Kate Hudson’s Role with Fabletics

TechStyle had seen many successful online fashion ventures and immediately saw the growing trend for athletic wear that was fashionable. The co-owners knew that Kate Hudson was the best choice to represent the brand. When they reached out to her to co-found Fabletics, she jumped at the opportunity. Kate Hudson has always been known as a bit of an athletic guru and has a smart head for business as well as acting talent. However, Hudson didn’t want to simply be the fact of Fabletics. She wanted to be a true part of the company.


Today, she is a major part of the leadership team at Fabletics. She attends sales meetings, checks sales data, guides social media strategy, and, of course, brings her bright personality to the advertising strategy. She even noted that she checks sales figured on a weekly basis and is knowledgeable about how every Fabletics piece is doing with members.


To learn more about Fabletics and to find your style, you can take the fun Lifestyle quiz on the Fabletics. It is just a few short questions and will tailor your Fabletics style specifically to your preferences!

Kate Hudson Leads Fabletics To Glory In Their Retail Battle With Amazon

The Fabletics brand of activewear may be a relatively new entrant to the retail clothing industry but the subscription-based service has already begun to make a dent in the dominant profit-margin of Amazon, Forbes reports. Fabletics is creating one of the most talked about new brand so on the market with its lifestyle quiz being the first step in joining this membership retailer which has searched out new ways of bringing an active lifestyle to the general population; Fabletics is also looking to the aspirational qualities of its founding partner, Kate Hudson to create one of the most talked about brands in the U.S.


A range of different options was recently created by Fabletics to make sure the company continues its growth as it takes on Amazon to become one of the world’s leading retailers. Many retailers complain about the issue of reverse showrooming which has been embraced by Fabletics as one of the key parts of its business model; the Fabletics brand has opened a number of physical locations across the U.S. where customers can try on clothing before making their purchase Online.


Other retail options taken up by the executive team at Fabletics include the use of big data to personalize the experience of every individual who will walk into a Fabletics store and see only the clothing appealing to the people in their membership area. Making sure the company continues to grow is the aim of the team at Fabletics who have seen a continued growth of 35 percent each year since the brand was established. The need to take on Amazon with a range of high-quality activewear has become one of the main aspects of the work of the brand which is to provide high-quality activewear along with the incentive to live a healthier lifestyle.


Much of the aspirational work done to publicize and market Fabletics has been focused on the role of Kate Hudson, the actress, and entrepreneur who has recently entered the world of fashion retailing with the brand. Although Kate Hudson has developed her business and design skills with Fabletics she still states she is an actress who only dabbles in the business world.


Kate Hudson has not limited herself to being simply a brand ambassador with little impact on the daily running of Fabletics; instead, Kate Hudson has become a leading part of the Fabletics team who helps with design, quality-control, and works with the budgeting department.

Plus Sized People Are Given Consideration By Kate Hudson and Fabletics as Well

One of the issues that people are faced with in fashion is finding the right size. It can be very tough for people to find the clothes that they want in the size that fits them. It is very common for people to go to different stores in order to find that the items they want are not in their size. For one thing, people often travel to their favorite store in the hopes that there is at least one of the item in the size that they normally wear However, they commonly find that there is nothing in their size that they commonly wear.


To make things worse is that the ones that are given very little to work with is the plus-sized individual. They often find themselves watching in despair as many of the items that they would’ve loved to wear go in and out of the market because they do not have anything in their size. One of the most frustrating things for the person that is larger than usual is that they are left with some of the most basic clothes. As a result, they are not very likely to find something that they can enjoy.


Kate Hudson has seen this issue with people who are of a greater than normal size. She has also seen how the fashion industry often leaves larger people out of the fun. It is as if the fashion industry has a bit of resentment towards people because they are a bit larger. Fortunately, Kate Hudson has decided to take Fabletics and make it into an all inclusive brand. Therefore, plus sized women have a chance to check out some of the fun clothes that look and feel very good to them. This initiative has turned out to be a hit among plus sized women.


One thing that Kate Hudson shows Fabletics as being is thoughtful and creative. Larger people have a hard time finding something very stylish in their size. Kate Hudson has sought to make the search easier for larger people. Fashion is not meant to be enjoyed by people that are smaller or average in size exclusively. It is a tough feeling to be left out. This is the type of feeling that Fabletics has been designed to prevent. Instead, Fabletics wants people to have their own perimeters. As Fabletics grows, they will become one of the largest suppliers of style.

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Fabletics Has Established Itself As A Luxury Brand Women Want

Women around America want to see the finest brands reaching out to them, and Fabletics has reached out to busy moms around America as a fashion alternative. Women see the brand as upwardly-mobile, and they are buying online at record pace. Building a company in three years to a value of $250 million is quite impressive, and this article explains how the company is opening stores in an effort to capture the luxury market.


#1: Competing With Amazon


Amazon is not a luxury brand, but they have stores open around America that sell their products. They have shown customers what is available, and they offer their products in the store at the prices that are available online. Women are favoring brands such as Fabletics because they are seen as a luxury item. The customer service given is immense, and Fabletics is outdoing many other companies with the level of care they give.


#2: The Subscription Service Convinces Women To Shop In The Store


The subscription service at Fabletics has convinced women that proper customer service is important, and women are sold clothes they will be happy with in all instances. The customer care is incredible, and women come into stores knowing they may find the sale level of service as they shop for clothing. The brand itself is quite simple, and women wish to wear something that will make them feel good about themselves.


#3: The Brand Is Selling Simple Clothing


Women who are seeking out simple clothing will find all they need with Fabletics, and they will note the beauty of the fabric as they touch it the first time. Fabletics was made to help women leave the house in style, and the fabrics make they feel comfortable. a softness on the skin goes quite a long way, and the construction is a luxury construction.


#4: Creating A New Wardrobe


The wardrobe created for a woman by Fabletics helps her leave the house with a bit of confidence she did not have before. Women are willing to fine top dollar to ensure they look their best, and Fabletics stores will help women feel beautiful as they choose something simple such as a sports bra and tights.


Kate Hudson may be seen wearing these clothes, and the brand tells women they may look lovely if they go to the store and the gym in basic clothes. The casual revolution is at the feet of Fabletics, and it is packaged in a luxurious look that every woman will appreciate.


Fabletics is growing a brand that will soon have over 100 stores in America, and they are using a luxury angle to reach women. They provide customer service that is unlike any other brand in their industry, and they are helping women shop online with a high level of service. Ladies who enter a Fabletics store will see the same level of service they get on the website, and they will shop with both the store and the site in an effort to look grand.

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JustFab hires more leadership team members

The fashion industry is constantly evolving, and there are several major names at the top of the industry. One rising name throughout the industry is JustFab. JustFab Incorporated is a young startup, bu they have already launched several fashion subscription services.

Fabletics and ShoeDazzle have become incredibly popular with women around the country. Fabletics specializes in offering high-quality athleisure wear to women around the world, while ShoeDazzle primarily focuses on distributing fashionable shoes to people everywhere. Both subscription services have been extremely successful, but the start-up has grown too large for the original leadership team. JustFab knew that they had to add a Chief Financial Officer and President.

JustFab recently hired Todd Tappin as their new finance chief and president. Tappin has several years of experience within the industry. He recently served as Chief Operating Officer at the Rubicon Project. The Rubicon Project is a Los Angeles-based online advertising firm, and Tappin helped take the company public two years ago.

Tappin was also a managing director at the Gores Group, a powerful private equity firm. JustFab hopes that Tappin will bring his experience guiding young companies to JustFab. He is talented at guiding companies through the initial public offering process.

JustFab is an incredibly influential company, and they have already been through several rounds of funding. The company was valued at a billion dollars during their last round of fundraising. Many investors see JustFab as an amazing opportunity.

The company has released several positive figures to investors. They currently have 4 million VIP members, and they are on pace to earn $650 million this year. These statistics are extremely encouraging to investors throughout the world. Read more: Fashion Unicorn Startup JustFab Inc. Taps CFO With IPO Experience

Tappin has looked over Just Fab’s figures and he is extremely enthusiastic about the future for the company. He is not in a rush to make the IPO happy. Tappin says that the company is in a great position and the company has several options because of the position they are in.

An IPO would change JustFab’s strategic options in several major ways. The IPO would increase their financial arsenal and allow for debt and equity options. This would make acquiring other companies easier because they could easily get the funds they need to buyout a company.  Learn more about JustFab: https://pando.com/2014/08/28/breaking-justfab-raises-85m-at-what-sources-say-is-a-1b-valuation/

Overall, Tappin is extremely enthusiastic about JustFab’s future, and he looks forward to their IPO. He is not in a rush, but he expects the IPO to happen soon.

Athleisure – Trendy Activewear For Women

Athleisure clothing, also known as activewear, is a very popular new style for women. Designed for both looks and functionality, this trendy new style is taking the world by storm. Women everywhere love the fact that they can hit the gym, the grocery store and even lunch with the girls all in one outfit.

The clothing uses fun patterns, colors and designs to draw the eye and allow mixing and matching with pieces. The athleisure style is thought to stem from yoga pants, a popular clothing item among women. It is an incredibly popular style with active women as well as moms, who prefer to be comfortable but still want to look put together.

One of the top retailers for athleisure clothing is EliteDaily’s swim line pics, which shows a company started by actress Kate Hudson whose mantra is “Live Your Passion”. Hudson is a very active mother of two and very into health and fitness as well as fashion. She decided that women needed cuter options no matter what lifestyle they live.

The popular retailer has recently released a line of activewear for men as well. Fabletics offers an array of pieces on their website Fabletics.com from sports bras and tops to yoga pants, leggings and shorts. Their push into retail shows they want to offer high quality clothing at affordable prices unlike luxury competitors who may offer high quality products, but charge exponentially more for them.

When you first visit the Fabletics site (according to Wikipedia), you will be asked to take a short style quiz so that stylists can personalize you looks. Once the quiz is completed you will be matched with thousands of looks tailored to your unique style and the life you live.

When you become a VIP Member, you will receive your first outfit for only $25 with free shipping. JustFab said authoritatively that Fabletics offers new styles every month.