How Evolution Of Smooth Won Millennial Women

A Startup Takes On Giants

The lip balm market was dominated by just two major brands. Those brands, Chapstick and Burt’s Beeswax, were owned by Pfizer and Clorox respectively. Nobody dared to stand up to these brands because common knowledge taught that customers were loyal to their brand of lip balm and there simply wasn’t any room for competitors to enter the market. Sanjiv Mehra didn’t believe this and decided she wanted to make a stake in the market for herself. This is where she came up with the idea for Evolution of Smooth.Ca.

Taking A Risk For A Reward

The idea of marketing lip balm specifically to young women was considered a dangerous one. Lip balm was commonly regarded as a unisex product, but the research done by Evolution of Smooth revealed otherwise. Overwhelmingly, women were the primary consumers of lip balm, but they had certain issues with the design of lip balm. They hated the way most brands of lip balms made them use their hands and wanted something they could use more easily. With that knowledge in mind Mehra set out to make a brand of lip balm specifically for these young women.

Taking Millennials Captive

Evolution of Smooth was an overnight success. Millennial women loved the spherical design and various flavors the lip balm came in. They simply couldn’t get enough of it and bought so much that EOS currently sells 1 million units a week. This didn’t happen by accident or as a fluke. Millennial icons like Britney Spears and Miley Cyrus have featured EOS in their music videos. Beauty bloggers from around the net use Evolution of Smooth in their tutorials. Millennial women have fallen in love with Evolution of Smooth and it doesn’t seem like that’s changing anytime soon. EOS lip balm products are available on the shelves of stores such as Well, Target and Walmart. eBay ( and Amazon sell EOS lip balms on their websites too. Try ’em today!

Doe Deere’s Advice To Future Cosmetic Entrepreneurs

When Doe Deere walks into a room, heads turn. Her eyes are emerald green. Her lips form a perfect pout. Her makeup is flawlessly painted on, like one of the stacking dolls from her birthplace, Russia. Her hair color is assorted with her clothing: robin-blue, daisy-yellow, fiery-orange-red, or flamingo-pink.

Women have always been enamored by her adventurous, carefree style. At the same time, Doe Deere started feeling frustrated by the limited choices of cosmetics that were available. The palettes were geared towards a “natural look,” and didn’t have the range of colors that she was looking for. Her natural entrepreneurial spirit drove her to create Lime Crime Cosmetics in 2008. Since its inception, Doe Deere has successfully created a niche makeup line. She has even crowned herself “Queen of the Unicorns,” as she calls her followers.

So how does one go about becoming magical makeup royalty? In her interview with ”Lime Crime’s Doe Deere On How To Make Your Dreams Come True”, Deere invites ambitious girls to follow their hearts. She believes that everyone has a special talent and that nurturing that talent is the key to success.

For instance, Deere moved to New York City in 1998 with dreams of becoming a professional musician. From the music business, she learned how to market herself and how to turn her passion into a career. She realized that making music is only half of the job, having people show up is another challenging half of the business. The fruit of her musical effort was confidence to promote herself, but she also gained a life partner- her husband. They met as bandmates and learn to collaborate together as music makers.

In spite of her success as a musician, she knew that she needed to “go where you love.” What Doe Deere loves more than making music is creating fashion and makeup. She enrolled in the Fashion Institute of Technology and majored in Fashion Design. For Deere, makeup is the ultimate in self-expression. She can decorate her body with as much color and glitter as her heart desires. Her beauty isn’t the goal, it is just a byproduct of pleasing herself.

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Uncovering the Story Behind EOS Lip Balm

There are so much creativity and detail that goes into developing new products to compete with old conventional products. Seven years ago, EOS lip balm stepped into the lip balm market and soon cornered it. EOS products took up shelf space in the main retail stores all over the country. Beauty editors such as Allure and Cosmo wouldn’t stop raving about EOS Products especially after top celebrities were spotted using in.

EOS, Evolution of Smooth in full has grown to become the second best lip balm seller in the US. The company is currently valued at over $250 million and generates $1 million in sales weekly. With that growth trend, the company is set to reach the projected $2 billion mark by 2020. EOS co-founder and managing partner, Sanjiv Mehra, claimed that their focus as a company was to create and distribute products.


The focus is now shifting a little bit with Sanjiv claiming the consumers want to know more about the business and its values. Sanjiv who has a rich background in serving at fast moving consumer goods companies such as Pepsi and Unilever partnered with Jonathan Teller to form EOS.

Jonathan described their main driving factor to dive into the lip balm market was because the big players had stagnated and were ‘lazy.’ According to them, it was the perfect opportunity to enter the market with a fresh product that was distinguishable from that of the market competitors.

Their research into the market revealed a lot of information, which they used to grow the brand to where it is. Since women primarily consume lip balms, they focused their design to please women such that the product would offer a positive, fun and enjoyable experience when applying and hence its unique shape. A lot of thought went into designing the shape to not only distinguish them from the competition but to also make a product that is easy to use and stand the test of time.

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