Dr. David Samadi Announces New Show on Fox News Channel

Fox News has acquired renown urologist and surgeon, David Samadi, M.D. to host a weekly show on Sundays. It is to air live at 12:30 pm and will simultaneously be available to Facebook, Twitter, DrSamaditv.com. Dr. Samadi has been a frequent health and wellness contributor to the network and has provided helpful advice for men and women of all ages. The doctor has been a frequent guest and contributor to Fox News health and wellness stories. He is a well liked and down to earth addition to the program.

Dr. David Samadi always was interested in becoming a physician and when a heart surgery he was scheduled to view was cancelled, he was able to view a prostate surgery. At that point, he knew urology was was the area of concentration he wished to pursue. Being able to work in such a small area with the advances in robotics and microsurgery had opened up a whole new world of medicine, especially in the field of urology.

Since the show will air live and is on many media outlets at the same time, Dr. Samadi will be able to take viewer questions and respond to them in real time. He welcomes questions about male and female health, signs of disease of the urinary tract and sexual health inquiries. He also welcomes questions regarding health in general, including diet, exercise and how to stay your healthiest.

Dr. David Samadi is the chairman of urology at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City. He is also the chief of robotic surgery at that facility.

He has many websites online dealing with urological male and female health. Patients are encouraged to call for a free in office consultation at his number on his website.

On his weekly show on Fox, Dr. Samadi will welcome guest medical speakers and consultants. They all will be open to questions from viewers and discuss their field of expertise. Treating the entire body as a whole and not just a symptom of illness is the basis for the best medical care.

The show is expected to bring in a large number of viewers due to its time slot and the popular of the doctor’s guest appearances on Fox News.

For details: insider.foxnews.com/tag/dr-david-samadi