True Value Company focuses on empowering independent retailers

The True Value organization based in Chicago and is one of the world’s successful member-owned Co-op. Their success is as a result of their commitment and dedication to building and empowering its relationship with associates, retailers, and consumers. The company encourages entrepreneurial thinking and appreciates the sense of excellence. True Value organization is spearheaded by John Hartman as the President and Chief Executive Officer.
John Hartman works hand in hand with Ken Goodgame, who is the Senior Vice President and the Merchandising Officer of True Value Company. The company under the leadership of both John and Goodgame works towards supporting and embracing a diverse workforce and continued growth.

The company has a proud heritage of supporting independent retailers, and this is the main agenda why the company was founded. The diverse company group operates true value store and entrepreneur business across the board. The team is equipped to with resources, expert advice and support the retailers may require ensuring they meet the company’s vision.
The team assists associates and members in opening True Value store or even in converting an existing store to a true value store. The team is committed to retail excellence and creating compelling store hardware.

The True Value Company also plays its part of corporate social responsibility by giving back to the society in which they work. True Value Foundation is a project founded and focusing its primary efforts to improving the lives of underserved youths and children emphasizing on education as a key factor and community vitality.

Kenneth Goodgame is the SVP and Chief merchandising officer at True value Co. He is an executive with diverse leadership. Goodgame has helped achieve innovative retail growth developments strategies which resulted in a great impact on retail and wholesale sales.

Goodgame has extensive retail experience hence his projects have an immediate impact on the market. He is an engaging leader and an expert in launching retail programs. Goodgame has served in other organizations including Ace Hardware Corporation where he served last before joining True Value and served as General Merchandising Officer. With his experience, knowledge, and skills the True Value Company is headed in the right direction.