Kevin Seawright Proves to be an Operations and Financial Expert

Kevin Seawright boasts of a solid reputation as an expert in both financial as well as administrative operations. As such, Seawright is well-known for his ability and vision to command new opportunities and achieve business goals. Apart from his expertise in financial operations, he portrays a distinctive blend of team inclusion, business acumen, outcome efficiency, financial private sector and governmental services.

Previously, he served Newark Economic Development Corporation as its executive vice president and chief financial officer. He assumed this position on October 2014 until May 2016. In his capacity or career, Kevin is well known for reformulating business strategies that have created responsive finance/accounting divisions, which regularly deliver outcomes through aligning technological initiatives with existing economic and organizational goals.

He is also acknowledged for transforming the revenue planning corporate processes, which have worked efficiently across the board for both sub-contractors and general contractors across the mid-Atlantic region.

Work Experience and Career

Some of Kevin’s previous work endeavors include more than 15 years in capital operational management, human resources and executive-level finance. He has been in charge of more than $400m in capital, state, city, bond and private funds throughout his career. In fact, Kevin has managed more than $600 in capital construction of educational facilities.

According to Crunchbase, in his career, Kevin Seawright has served in numerous capacities including finance director, a budget manager, payroll director, executive director of operations and many others. Apart from serving other entities, he recognized for creating his firm in 2015 dubbed as RPS Solutions, LLC. RPS Solutions specializes in a broad range of services, which include asset management, real estate development and acquisition.

Accomplishments and Media Acknowledgment

As an accomplished individual, Kevin Seawright has been featured on numerous media outlets including Market Wired, MarketWatch, and among others. More importantly, he has received several accolades and recognitions including the Met Life: Bridges to the Future award in 2010 for finance and operational professionals.

Previously, Kevin served as a member of the advisory board for the Babe Ruth Museum. He has also served as a member of various bodies including the National Association of Black Accountants and the National Forum for Black Public Administrators.

Economic Woes Causing Late Repayment Of New Brunswick Devco Loan

Devco is the urban developer who designed and built a huge, modern, and appealing conference center in New Brunswick. Devco is a non-profit organization dedicated to the revitalization of this city in New Jersey. The $20 million construction loan that Devco received from the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority (CRDA) has become in arrears, with about $7 million owed in back payments. Those who are administering the implementation of plans to use the money in the building of the site are still hoping to complete repayment, just a little late.

In an article on, the payments made to date have been enough to cover the center’s overhead, but little more. Christopher Paladino is the lead attorney for the Atlantic City Development Corporation (ACDC) that provided administrative support for the project to build the hotel. The original deal was put together by Paladino, which utilized a beautiful award winning design. He is not worried about the problems repaying the loan and says the delays are understandable, given the current economic situation.

The hotel and conference center includes nice meeting rooms and other facilities, but has yet to break even. The occupancy rate has never risen above 63 percent.

Most of the investments in the ACDC were made by local investors in New Brunswick. Devco’s distribution into several revitalization projects have totaled $1.6 billion! The objective is to improve the areas living conditions and economy while still gaining profits for their investors. This Press of Atlantic City story has all the details.

The Davos Real Estate Group and Their Launch of The Real Estate Application

The Davos Real Estate Group has recently announced the launching of the new app of theirs for mobile devices. This application has been named the Davos CAP Calculator. What would an application like this do? The purpose of this calculator is to determine the return of the real estate investments that the client has shown interest in.


What is the Davos Real Estate Group? They are an independent offshoot company from the Davos Financial Group. The Davos Financial Group helps those that are in need of comprehensive financial advice. Over the period of the last six months, Gerard González (an Executive Director to the Davos Real Estate Group), has put himself to work full time on the calculator application. He has been working side-by-side with Tecknolution in the matter when it came to the look and development of the project.


The application even accounts for all of the expenses that have in the past and presently associated with the property currently at hand. Now it is available to those who have either Android or iPhone types of devices.


The starting application that users would be using would be the first to a series of apps that are all complementary to each other. There is much that is going to be able to be done with this series of apps including interactive chatting.


David Osio


David Osio is known by many for his role as the Executive Director and Founder of the Davos Financial Group. Throughout his experience working with financial practices and many other different practices he has gather much information and has exceeded the expectations of everyone including himself. Being very successful at his job and with life in general it is easy to see why so many have come to trust and rely on David Osio. Before he has his wonderful position at Davos Financial Group he was able to get a law degree which came from a university in Venezuela, the Catholic University Andres Bello.


After his studies were finished with the university he moved onto working as the Director of the MGO law firm in Caracas. At this firm he was responsible for giving his clients legal advice that was very important. Now Mr. Osio has continued his studies by having gone to the New York Institute of Finance. At this university he was able to study Shared Portfolio Management and Banking. He was able to found the Davos Financial Group in 1993 and ever since then has not stopped making his way up the ladder within the world of finance.


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David Osio and his Contribution to Davos Financial Group

David Osio is the founder and CEO of Davos Financial Group, a financial advisory group for independent companies. He has assisted the company to grow and expand using his business and leadership skills to increase Davos’ income levels and its expansion to the international market by establishing offices in Geneva, New York, and Panama City.

David’s main concern is creating a firm that offers complete financial and customized services that meet the demands of various clients through a group of independent and licensed companies.


Osio is a graduate of the Catholic University Andres Bello, Venezuela and has a degree in International Banking Law from Estudios Superiores de Administracion (IESA). He started off as the CEO of OPED Enterprise in 1981 where he managed a coffee export program and later moved to LETCO Commercial Companies to deal with structured marketing programs for industrial products in the USA.


Osio ventured in banking law by joining the Caracas law firm MGO in 1984. He was later offered a leading position in Private Banking Division of Banco Latino International (BLI) before venturing to form Davos Financial Group of Companies in 1993.



The Davos Real Estate Group (REG)

REG is a member of the independent companies forming Davos Financial Group that offers comprehensive financial advice. Its main aim is creating an investment strategy that meets the needs of various clients to offer quality services by combining premium products with the regulatory framework.


Osio and his executive team launched a new real estate application that estimates the returns on real estate investments of a client’s choice. REG created this application to guide its customers when investing in real estate. Using this application, clients can estimate the price of rent on the property that best suits their income. Clients can also estimate their mortgage based on Bank projections, the funding period and the associated rate of interest.


The Davos Real Estate Group is working on developing new strategic partnerships with real estate agents internationally. They are expanding their borders of service to Europe (starting with Spain). REG is working on more projects to provide excellent services to its customers.


David Osio is a member of the Davos Real Estate Group, and due to his vast experience, he has propelled the company successfully and profitably. REG main aim is to ensure that its clients are offered quality and satisfactory services.

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The Myriad Works of Thor Halvorssen

Thor Halvorssen Mendoza is a Venezuelan social and political activist and the founder and leader of the well known socialist and dictator watchdog group, The Human Rights Foundation. Mr. Halvorssen got his start as a political activist in the late 1980s by orchestrating a series of bombastic but peaceful demonstration in London (where he was currently residing) in protest of the racial apartheid system which were currently instituted in South Africa at the time.

However, his true ascension into political activism occurred in period of 1993, wherein his father, Thor Halvorssen Hellum a narcotics investigator who was researching the criminal activities of Pablo Escobar, was falsely imprisoned under trumped up charges.

Whilst in prison in Caracas, Halvorssen’s father was brutally beaten and nearly killed. However, thanks to Thor Halvorssen’s efforts, working side by side with Amnesty International, Mr. Hellum was freed and appointed to the head of pan american committee for the International Society of Human Rights.

According to Crunchbase, yet tragedy struck yet again in 2004 when Thor Halvorssen’s mother, Hilda Mendoza Denham, was shot whilst in the attendance of peaceful anti-Hugo Chavez demonstration in Venezuela. Luckily she survived by the incident left a powerful impression upon the then, quite young Thor Halvorssen.

He knew that more needed to be done and set about vigorously writing a article for the local paper about the incident which received a great deal of coverage. Read more: Thor Halvorssen | LinkedIn

But that was not quite enough for Mr. Halvorssen, he knew he needed to do even more and so he decided to create a foundation that would work tirelessly for the rights of every one, regardless of nationality, creed or religion – thus he founded the Human Rights Foundation which remains, to this day, one of the most prolific and well respected human rights groups around the globe.

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Discovering the EOS Flavors

When it comes to chapped lips, EOS, or Evolution of Smooth, really means business. There is a large variety of flavors to choose from, all delicious in their own way. These flavors include vanilla bean, passion fruit, blueberry acai, pomegranate raspberry and many more. You can’t go wrong with these flavors, and new ones keep arriving to stores as well. During the holidays, you can buy in packs of multiples that will coincide with the holiday. For example, you might see a holiday pack during winter that will include the fan favorite, vanilla bean and and winterberry.

Whatever flavor you choose, EOS lips provides the smoothest lips possible and will keep them happy and healthy all winter long. Using natural products that are gluten free and animal cruelty free, EOS prides itself on being an environmentally friendly product. These little lip pods are packed with nutrients and vitamins needed for soft, healthy lips and once you’ve tried Evolution of Smooth, you’ll forget all about the basic lip balm brands you tried before.

Listed above were only a few of the many flavors available to you. You can find a plethora of flavors at stores like CVS, Target, Walmart and many more. You can find delicious flavors like strawberry sorbet and blueberry nectar as well as your basic vanilla mint or coconut bean. You won’t go wrong in throwing a few of these in a stocking this holiday season, or gifting a trio or set of lip balms for your close friends and family. Evolution of Smooth is a great natural lip balm, sure to impress anyone looking for a reliable lip product this winter.

For more info, visit the website and Facebook page.

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An Insight Into IAP Worldwide

IAP Worldwide is a company that is based in the United States of America. However, the company has offices elsewhere in the world such as London, United Kingdom, Africa and the Middle East. As of today, the company has over two thousand employees, and it’s offering services in more than twenty-five countries worldwide. The major services offered by IAP this great institution includes global scale statistics, technical services and facilities management. IAP Worldwide major clients include the US government, Non-governmental organizations and also different corporations worldwide. The company has been in existence since the 1960’s.

IAP Worldwide has a reputation of exceeding most of its customers’ expectations by offering the best services there is. In its existence, IAP Worldwide has been guided by key factors that have been very crucial to its existence. These factors include corporate responsibility, its history, partners and its leadership and mission and values. IAP Worldwide uses the most advanced and proven technology to solve its client’s needs.

The company has a reputation of shouldering their clients’ needs as if they were their needs. The company maintains a pool of very experienced employees and continues to attract the best talent in the market on The values of this institution tell how the institution is committed to its clients. Some of its values are to act swiftly, with responsibility and at the same time act nicely. Another value of IAP Worldwide is to pursue learning and growth, practice rigor and at the same time practice Intellectual curiosity. The leadership of these company believes in trust, passion, and teamwork.

In the past, IAP Worldwide have supported the US troops on whenever they have gone. The company achieves this through the Irmo Company which is a branch of IAP Worldwide. This branch specializes in logistics and procurement for the US troops.

Another reason why IAP Worldwide has succeeded is its commitment to partner with other people and institutions. IAP Worldwide is always looking for an opportunity to partner with other people so as to positively impact this world. IAP Worldwide has gained a reputation for the corporate policies that the firm has put in place. Some of these policies include combating trafficking in persons as well as ensuring that they uphold a drug and alcohol-free workplace. The company also upholds all environmental, safety and health policies to ensure that their employees work in a safe place and no harm could occur due to negligence. Currently, the Chief Executive Officer of IAP Worldwide is Douglas Kitani at

Doe Deere’s Advice To Future Cosmetic Entrepreneurs

When Doe Deere walks into a room, heads turn. Her eyes are emerald green. Her lips form a perfect pout. Her makeup is flawlessly painted on, like one of the stacking dolls from her birthplace, Russia. Her hair color is assorted with her clothing: robin-blue, daisy-yellow, fiery-orange-red, or flamingo-pink.

Women have always been enamored by her adventurous, carefree style. At the same time, Doe Deere started feeling frustrated by the limited choices of cosmetics that were available. The palettes were geared towards a “natural look,” and didn’t have the range of colors that she was looking for. Her natural entrepreneurial spirit drove her to create Lime Crime Cosmetics in 2008. Since its inception, Doe Deere has successfully created a niche makeup line. She has even crowned herself “Queen of the Unicorns,” as she calls her followers.

So how does one go about becoming magical makeup royalty? In her interview with ”Lime Crime’s Doe Deere On How To Make Your Dreams Come True”, Deere invites ambitious girls to follow their hearts. She believes that everyone has a special talent and that nurturing that talent is the key to success.

For instance, Deere moved to New York City in 1998 with dreams of becoming a professional musician. From the music business, she learned how to market herself and how to turn her passion into a career. She realized that making music is only half of the job, having people show up is another challenging half of the business. The fruit of her musical effort was confidence to promote herself, but she also gained a life partner- her husband. They met as bandmates and learn to collaborate together as music makers.

In spite of her success as a musician, she knew that she needed to “go where you love.” What Doe Deere loves more than making music is creating fashion and makeup. She enrolled in the Fashion Institute of Technology and majored in Fashion Design. For Deere, makeup is the ultimate in self-expression. She can decorate her body with as much color and glitter as her heart desires. Her beauty isn’t the goal, it is just a byproduct of pleasing herself.

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Securus Technologies Issues Press Release

Securus Technologies is one of the leading providers of criminal and civil justice technology services for investigations, monitoring, and corrections. Just recently, the company decided to issue corrections to a press release that was issued by one of its main competitors, Global Tel. The press release was issued this year in May, but Securus Technologies felt that it was misleading to the public.


Securus Technologies had previously released a statement announcing the Patent Trial and Appeal Board had decided to validate twenty-five claims out of the twenty-seven. This was a true victory for Securus Technologies, but GTL decided to issue a statement that was clearly misleading. According to the management in Securus, the inaccurate statements is already in public, and it was important to correct it and provide clarification to the consumers.


Richard Smith is the Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies, and he says that the decision by GTL did not come as a surprise to them. Smith says that it was easy for GTL to mischaracterize the Patent Trial and Appeal Board ruling. This was a move by GTL to prove that Securus Technologies did not have adequate technologies, and the software development was not enough. However, the idea did not work.


Securus Technologies is headquartered in Texas, and it offers its services to over three thousand law enforcement, public safety and correction agencies in the United States. The privately held institution provides its services to more than one million inmates in Northern America, and it is recognized for providing inmates with the high-quality services at affordable rates. Since the company was founded, it has done its best to ensure that prisoners in the country communicate with their loved ones using the latest technologies. The company has introduced visitation options for the inmates, making visitation better and more affordable for the families and loved ones.




Uncovering the Story Behind EOS Lip Balm

There are so much creativity and detail that goes into developing new products to compete with old conventional products. Seven years ago, EOS lip balm stepped into the lip balm market and soon cornered it. EOS products took up shelf space in the main retail stores all over the country. Beauty editors such as Allure and Cosmo wouldn’t stop raving about EOS Products especially after top celebrities were spotted using in.

EOS, Evolution of Smooth in full has grown to become the second best lip balm seller in the US. The company is currently valued at over $250 million and generates $1 million in sales weekly. With that growth trend, the company is set to reach the projected $2 billion mark by 2020. EOS co-founder and managing partner, Sanjiv Mehra, claimed that their focus as a company was to create and distribute products.


The focus is now shifting a little bit with Sanjiv claiming the consumers want to know more about the business and its values. Sanjiv who has a rich background in serving at fast moving consumer goods companies such as Pepsi and Unilever partnered with Jonathan Teller to form EOS.

Jonathan described their main driving factor to dive into the lip balm market was because the big players had stagnated and were ‘lazy.’ According to them, it was the perfect opportunity to enter the market with a fresh product that was distinguishable from that of the market competitors.

Their research into the market revealed a lot of information, which they used to grow the brand to where it is. Since women primarily consume lip balms, they focused their design to please women such that the product would offer a positive, fun and enjoyable experience when applying and hence its unique shape. A lot of thought went into designing the shape to not only distinguish them from the competition but to also make a product that is easy to use and stand the test of time.

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