Anthony Petrello Works For The Drilling Industry With Great Gusto

Anthony Petrello is a businessman and attorney. He is also the President, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Chairman of the Board of Nabors Industries, LTD. Mr. Petrello’s educational background includes earning a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree and Master of Science (MS) degree in Mathematics from Yale University and a Juris Doctor (JD) degree from Harvard Law School.

Petrello began his career with the law firm of Baker & McKenzie. His focus was general corporate law, international taxation and arbitration. He also served as the Managing Partner of the company’s New York office until he resigned in 1991.

In 1991, Petrello was elected to the Board of Director’s at Nabors Industries. He also served as the Deputy Chairman, President and CEO and in 2012 took on the roles of Chairman of the Board, President and Chairman of the Executive Committee. Mr. Petrello also provides strategic planning and direction for the company allowing the company to prosper, as well as adapt to the always changing and competitive environment of the industry.

Mr. Petrello also serves as a Board of Director for Stewart & Stevenson, LLC and Hilcorp Energy Company. He also is a member of the Board of Trustees of the Texas Children’s Hospital. He is a tireless advocate for clinical programs and research efforts to help address the needs of children with neurological disorders.

Nabors Industries, LTD is the owner and operator of the world’s largest land based drilling fleet in the United States and many international markets. Nabors is the leading provider of drilling rigs. The company has developed innovative drilling technologies, as well as providing performance tools and directional drilling services. Nabors Industries has also developed drilling automation capabilities and along with a highly experienced drill team sets new standards to drilling operational excellence that is helping to transform the industry.

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The Lung Institute Provides A New Lease On Life

The Lung Institute was founded to give individuals suffering from chronic lung and respiratory illnesses an opportunity to live a healthier and happier life. Some of the chronic lung diseases studied by The Lung Institute include: chronic obstructive pulmonary disease known as COPD, pulmonary fibrosis, and interstitial lung disease.

Patients of The Long Institute are treated with autologous stem cells. According to The Long Institute, autologous stem cells are blank cells that have not be assigned to any function yet. These special cells have the ability to renew and heal themselves. By using autologous stem cells, patients can heal from their body’s own cells. These healthy cells not only ease the symptoms of lung disease, but also work to stop the progression of the disease.

Traditional respiratory treatments only targeted the symptoms associated with the respiratory disease; as opposed to treating the disease itself. Patients treated for respiratory illnesses often suffered for years due to a lack of knowledge and research on properly treating the progression of the disease. Patients of The Lung Institute have access to great tools for education and empowerment. The Long Institute continues to lead in adult stem cell research for chronic lung diseases; offering articles, advice and resources to enrich the lives of those suffering from lung disease.

The Lung Institute ensures that every patient is screened thoroughly and is treated with a unique approach. The Lung Institute focuses on using current condition and medical history from the past to make sure that each stem cell treatment gets the best possible results.

For more information about The Lung Institute you can visit:

The Lung Institute About Page:


The Lung Institute Autologous Cells Page:

Also check out the Institute’s Twitter page and YouTube channel for more info.


Short Article Reveals the Undeniable Facts About Atomic Design Rochester and How It Can Affect You

Website design isn’t a one size fits all proposition. It is the procedure of developing any web page to make it look more appealing yet simple. You can’t merely utilize website Atomic Design Rochester ‘ as your keyword.

All About Atomic Design Rochester NY

Responsive design ensures your website is equally as user-friendly on a laptop because it is on a smartphone. It’s said that Atomic Design Rochester is an important marketing and advertising language of sites. It’s said that design is a major marketing and advertising language of locations. Web design is the procedure of developing any site to make it appear more appealing yet comfortable. Lacking a responsive web design causes a bad user experience.

Atomic Design Rochester NY – the Conspiracy

The organization provides very robust and result-oriented advertising communications all the moment; point. Thus, when you search for a Atomic Design Rochester provider, you always need to have a check on their operations. A specialist site design company can assist with all of this.

You must make certain you pick the appropriate sort of company for such services. Most companies are getting involved in digital marketing today. A foreign search engine optimization company is going to have the group of experts who is going to have formal training on how best to be content search engine optimization friendly.

The Key to Successful Atomic Design Rochester NY

The form of website you want.E-commerce (shopping) website will be more expensive than a straightforward vanity site.A place that demands custom programming could be more expensive than an e-commerce site. One the more important thing is that you want to create the site very informative also. It’s simple, and you may monetize the website almost instantly. There are lots of such sites online which you might find through Google search.

Understanding Atomic Design Rochester NY

You could also choose to develop a different of your site, especially for mobile gadgets. For more info about us, you may go to our site. Within this financial climate, a lot of people have a website for their company. At the current time and coming years, you must require a business website to enlarge your enterprise.

The Battle Over Atomic Design Rochester NY and How to Win It

Whenever you need to construct a site, select the online developer’s tool that has been trusted by Mac users for at least ten decades. For people who have a website with various pages (e-commerce website, blog) then prices can be adjusted accordingly. Website designing is a rather decent profession nowadays where everything is now computerized. Your site will download quickly on some platforms and browsers, be simple to navigate and improve your brand. Everybody was trying to find a new website will have the ability to discover precisely what they want and need, for as long as they make certain that you work with the best company for web design Rochester has. Informative, updated good designed site is x-factor to assemble traffic on your site.

The Bizarre Secret of Atomic Design Rochester – LocalStack

Each location has an individual customized look and feel. In case the website is suitably optimized and designed, more customers will discover your products and services in the several search engines. Possessing a superior mobile site is critical for a mobile organization. Should you have an excellent mobile website, 74% of individuals are most likely to return.

New Brunswick Sees New Apartment Development Open In 2016

An Overview Of The Quincy In New Brunswick, New Jersey


The Quincy is a rental apartment complex that was built in 2016. It has been available for leasing to the general public since last year. Studios, one bedroom and two bedroom apartments units are available for short term leases. This is a rental community only.


Located in downtown New Brunswick, New Jersey, The Quincy offers residents the ability to easily walk to nearby restaurants, shops and entertainment venues such as performing arts centers. Public transportation is also accessible by foot. This includes both NJ Transit rail and bus. In fact the bus can link you to the rail station as well as take you around major hubs in New Brunswick, New Jersey.


Inside the studios and apartments, you will find some interesting decor. The kitchen has tile floors and real grey colored stone countertops. The bathrooms have designer fixtures designed to evoke a modern and luxurious feel. Stainless steel appliances are also found in the kitchen and further give a modern feel. There is wood flooring throughout the units except in the bathrooms and kitchen. Each unit also has its own laundry room where there is a connection to hook up a washing machine and dryer.


Parking can be tough in New Brunswick, especially in downtown. The Quincy provides indoor garaging parking. It also accepts pets and has pet friendly amenities such as a dog park. There is a pool on the roof, which provides a nice view of the surrounding area. You will also have access to a sizeable fitness room and there is a community room.


New Brunswick Apartments Shooter Escapes From Scene Of Crime


The New Brunswick Apartments complex saw a shooting took place at building #1 in the complex. Police found bullet casings at the sight. A man was shot during the shooting, but did not sustain any serious injuries. He was transported to a hospital for care by car and did not need paramedic services. The perpetrator of the crime has not been identified. He fled the scene and ran towards Nielsen Street from Commercial Avenue after he shot the man at the New Brunswick Apartments.


Police Nab Pizza Robbers Responsible For Dayton, New Jersey Robbery


A pizza delivery driver got robbed by a group of armed men on Quincy, Circle in Dayton, New Jersey. The men were armed and threatened to kill the delivery driver if he did not hand over the pizza and his wallet. Since the incident took place, police in Middlesex County have arrested the suspects behind the robbery thanks to cell phone records that they managed to track down and link to the pizza robbery.


The Challenge Of Smart Mobility: Mike Heiligenstein

Building Smarter Cities are becoming an imminent need, not only a trend of choice. With the population boom of the last 50 years, is not slowing down. The rapid and unplanned growth of cities globally has generated a number of challenges that cannot be tackled in a traditional way: insecurity, vulnerability to climate change and natural disasters, increasing the number of vehicles traveling on urban roads, Increased energy consumption, environmental pollution, water and waste management, the need for greater citizen participation and greater efficiency in services, among others.



Also, the current financial constraints of requiring increasingly efficient systems to reduce public spending and increase fiscal revenues. In this sense, our cities must migrate towards an Intelligent City model.



Mike Heiligenstein, executive director of the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority, knows that it is not only a matter of technology and choices but of vital importance to invest and plan for infrastructure that poses as a “make it or break it” element for advancement, especially around the rapid growing suburban areas of Texas. Mike served 23 years as a Central Texas public official in the communities of Round Rock and Williamson County, making him a man that bring an experiences and objective set of skills to the table.



Over the years, he has helped supervise and oversee large projects in the areas and has contributed to dynamism in the mobility schemes in the region. Together with the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority, he has been hands-on with every step of the programs: from planning to costs to implementations, making sure that every stage is according to its full potential.



It is not only smarter cities that Mike Heiligenstein wants to see in the future, but he is also convinced that construction ant transportation planning can be more effective and has committed himself to environmental causes and the growth of cities through healthy alternatives to design a modern, regional transportation network for Central Texas.



To ensure the fast-growing communities are kept as effective as possible, Mike Heiligenstein believes that it must rest on a thing as simple as the design, intelligent cars, and an effective street planning. With his vast experience in the sector and his current position, he has lead efforts to expand water, wastewater and transportation infrastructure and mobility, and will continue to support causes to make smart cities smarter and environmentally conscious.

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Gain Control over Wealth with US Money Reserve Self-Directed IRA

Authoritative websites give you valuable information, so you can better control your wealth. The new US Money Reserve is just such a website. It has improved navigation and can help you with wealth management, using a “Self-Directed IRA.”


“Wealth Management Found Here”


Many Americans have been blessed with a lot of wealth. Over time, they might need to spend more time on wealth management. Besides stock, bonds, mutual funds and real estate, they might want to add some gold and silver coins to their estate.


It used to be that your aunt might purchase a gold coin for you. That was simplistic wealth planning. Times have changed, but the medium for money has not. Now, you can add gold coins to your “Self-Directed IRA.”


The new US Money Reserve gives you the products and means to engage in successful wealth management. It is kind of a do-it-yourself (DIY) wealth management website. And who knows more about “how gold coins can be a form of wealth management,” than US Money Reserve President & former US Mint Director Philip Diehl?


“Gold Store of Wealth”


Money has many characteristics: medium of exchange, bill of account and store of wealth, to name a few. Gold is money because it has all of these attributes. Gold is a better store of wealth than a stock or bond.


While your corporate stock certificate is valuable, giving you a stream of income based on profits, it does not store wealth, per se. The underlying company is the valuable asset. You own a piece of the company, along with all the other stockholders.


With gold coins, you own 100% of the underlying asset. If you decide to purchase a Gold Austrian Philharmonic Coin from US Money Reserve, it is a solid store of gold wealth. When the spot price increases, your wealth increases.


“Control Self-Directed IRA”


Although not affiliated with the US Mint, the US Money Reserve has the latest news on important financial developments. The “Self-Directed IRA” is one such program. You can go on the website and click on “IRA Program” for more information. Diversify your financial portfolio, by adding gold and silver coins.


You have options and can control your own IRA by using the “transfer” or “rollover” method. You can learn more about controlling your wealth and destiny with the “Self-Directed Gold IRA Store of Wealth.” Find more information at the US Money Reserve.

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The Excellence Of Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies has completed so many jobs for the government in helping with their correction facilities, and they sought after with other companies clear across the nation. They receive many letters from their clients and customers, and they are publishing some of them so the public can see how important their work is.


They are also having the public down to their offices in Dallas, TX for a presentation of the complex. This way, they public can see the latest technologies that they are working on, and why they are so important for the safety of the inmates, as well as for the public.


The company has been the leader in the public safety field. They work diligently in order prevent and solve crimes in both the civil and criminal sectors of justice. They use their technologies to help and assist in safety issues, and they creating new ones on a weekly basis. This company deals with over a million inmates every year, and they are looking towards the future with great hopes that they can make the world a safer place for everyone. They have a dedicated staff that takes their responsibilities very seriously, and they care in an immense way.



Who is Bernardo Chua And Why Do Consumers Love His Products?

If you keep up with business news, marketing and health issues, you probably know who Bernardo Chua is. If not, you probably know some of his companies or products. Bernardo is a household name in many parts of Asia and North America. This is because of his products such as teas, coffee and the famous Organo Gold. He is also a big name in the area of direct sales.

PR News Wire has it that Bernardo Chua was born in the Philippines, though he has Chinese ancestry. His Chinese background is to thank for his knowledge of herbs such as ganoderma, which he successfully introduced to the whole world.

The herb is a native of parts of Asia and has been used for many years for its health benefits. When he Bernardo discovered that he could turn the benefits into a cup of tea or coffee, he transformed the way people viewed the herb.

Benefits of Organo Gold Products

When he started marketing the products which his companies manufactured, Bernardo was of the view that the best method of selling the products was by direct sales. He is actually one of the very few people who used the model to introduce such a product into the market.

According to The Street, Bernardo Chua is big on educating the consumers on why they should take his products and how to use them. With a change in people’s mindset, they can embrace products and use them for their own good. Learn more about more Bernardo Chua:

It is also easy to get the products marketed and sold to even more people because of word of mouth recommendations by those who have used them.

Another benefit of the products is that they are natural and prepared with care. They come in packaging that is easy on the eye and they can be shipped to various places in the world. It is no wonder that more and more people buy and use Organo Gold products from all over the world.

For this reason, Bernardo has won various consumer awards and nominations. He continues to offer his target consumers the best and high quality teas, coffees and other healthy beverages.

Equities First Holdings is the Principal Provider of Share-based Loans

Equities First Holdings (EFH) is a recognized giant in offering alternative financial solutions. It supplies funds against publicly traded shares to allow customers to meet their short-term and long-term investment goals. The firm has expanded its operation across strategic countries in the world. Since 2002, it has completed over 650 transactions totaling to over $1.4 billion. It offers loans that attract low fixed interest rates to its both new and loyal clients.

With service centers in nine nations, EFH has a strong global presence. It delivers its services through independent subsidiaries such as Equities First (London), Hong Kong-based EFH, Equities First Holdings (Australia), and South Africa-based EFH. The firm has strived to offer ingenious financial solutions despite its immense expansion.

A unique and secure loan process

  • Individuals who need share-based loans should start by contacting EFH with details about their proposed collateral as well as the amount of funds they require. They can contact the firm via email: or phone: 1.866.507.9160.
  • Once the EFH’s professionals determine that an alternative financing solution is ideal for the interested individuals, they will come up with the loan terms and compute a loan-to-value ratio and the interest rate.
  • Terms agreement and transfer of collaterals: Clients should read and understand the EFH’s terms agreement. They should proceed to sign the agreement and move the collateral to a custodian account provided by EFH.
  • Funding: EFH uses a delivery-versus-payment strategy to fund loans. This method ensures both loan proceeds and collateral are moved into holding accounts concurrently.
  • Return of collateral: Borrowers must pay the agreed upon interest throughout the loan period. At the end of the loan period, the borrowers receive their pledged collateral in full, but they must have cleared the principal funding.

Growth in stock-based borrowers

Equity First Holding has noted a significant growth in share-based loans and margin loans in an arena where many financial institutions have restricted their lending standards. The company is rapidly gaining popularity among borrowers who are looking for quick means of raising capital. The founder and chief executive of EFH, Al Christy, see stock-based loans as a groundbreaking financial solution for individuals seeking urgent capital. The loan-to-value ratio of share-based loans is higher when compared to that of margin loans. Additionally, share-based loans have a fixed interest rate, offering certainty throughout the entire duration of the transaction. Al Christy says that share-based loans are a unique strategy that investors can use to navigate economic downturns.

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Bring Life to Your Marketing Strategies With White Shark Media

White Shark Media is a recognized digital marketing authority involved with online marketing strategies for medium and small sized enterprises. As one of the rapidly growing organizations in America, White Shark Media’s success is derived from its development of both effective and affordable search marketing initiatives. White Shark Media was established in 2011 and has now become a power to reckon with in the SMB market. The following are some of the notable benefits of working with White Shark Media to reach your online marketing goals.



Ad Words Campaign



White Shark Media was in 2014 awarded Google AdWords Premier SMB Partnership, an award that recognizes partners who meet the strict training and eligibility requirements of Google.White Shark Media has continued to demonstrate its dedication to Ad Words campaigns. In 2015, White Shark Media developed an excel application that enables business owners to incorporate all the basic elements of their campaign in a single platform and upload all the data through an AdWords Editor. This excel template includes the latest AdWord features such as expanded text advertisements.


White Shark Media offers newbies and established businesses assistance in using Adwords to promote their practices. This includes initial setup and continuous optimization. Furthermore, if you have trouble linking Adwords to your business listing, you can count on them to offer their assistance. Using Adwords has never been easy especially with White Shark’s Getting Started Guide for those new to Apple search Ads.The guide covers everything from setting up a campaign to inserting keywords and working with search match campaigns.


Generating Cash for Clients

The ultimate goal of White Shark Media is to help its clients earn money. They offer product listing ads, conversion tracking, and implementation of Google analytics on Shopify platforms. White Shark has vast experience dealing with Shopify and refers all its ecommerce clients to Shopify.

If you want to take your business or practice to the next level, its high time you reviewed your marketing strategies. One of the best management decisions you will ever make is consulting White Shark Media for an overhaul of your online marketing campaigns.