Securus Technologies – Providing Reliable and Affordable Law Enforcement Services

The field of prison communication and criminal justice technology is getting crowded with many new companies surfacing now and then. However, one of the companies that have achieved remarkable success in a very short period is Securus Technologies. Securus Technologies offer a wide variety of services to the inmates as well as the law enforcement agencies. The law enforcement agencies are able to perform more efficiently and safely in the field with the services offered by Securus Technologies.


The company’s focus is to offer reliable and affordable inmate communication services to the detainees and prisoners, and it does so with the use of advanced technology. Securus Technologies has so far invested over $600 million into research and development alone to make sure that the products and services offered to the end users are high performance oriented and useful. The company recently launched the new video visitation service that enables the family of the prisoners to meet their loved one in prison with the help of video services. It saves the money of the family to travel all the way to the prison facility and also helps in meeting virtually more often.


Securus Technologies to promote transparency recently released a press release online. The press release showcased how the services of the company are effective in keeping the crime rate low and equip the law enforcement officials with the latest technology that keeps them and the community safe.


Many different services are launched by Securus Technologies from time to time. It helps the law enforcement agencies as well as the inmate communication field tremendously. I work with the police authority and have used the services offered by Securus on many occasions. It has helped me get the information I needed to respond quickly and catch the drug peddler inside the prison space. I hope the company continues to develop and invent new services for the law enforcement agencies.



Take an Eco-Friendly Trip

There are many great destinations to travel to when it comes to eco-friendly and conservation centered retreats.


Kenya is a good choice if you are going for an eco-conscious getaway. You will be able to view wildlife in an educational way and Kenya is known for being a leader in ecotourism. Kenya began to ban plastic bags in 2017 and there are even tours available that are helping women to gain new skills.


Bhutan is another adventure that you don’t want to miss. Bhutan is the first country to be carbon-neutral in the world. The forests of Bhutan effectively capture carbon and this area is known for its cultural preservation as well as its socioeconomic development.


British Columbia is sustainability focused and is where you can enjoy nature at its finest, from its sea lions to its migrating salmon. Great Bear Rainforest is well-known for its sustainability initiatives such as its water turbine energy system that provides a renewable energy sources. There are many adventure trips available so you can choose your favorite.


If you’re looking for something a little more exotic yet still eco-friendly, then the Galapagos is the place for you. The Galapagos is a very diverse ecosystem where you can see sea lions, giant tortoises, and birds. You can also visit the Charles Darwin Research Station to learn more about the endangered species in the area. There are many outfitters in the area that offer eco-excursions of the area and many are community-driven. The Planeterra Foundation is a nonprofit project that teaches Floeana Island residents management training and also supports wildlife preservation.


Wild Ark was created by very passionate conservationists committed to preserving the wild for our future generations and educating people about the wild. Wild Ark was founded by Mark and Sophie Hutchinson who are actively working on making a difference in the world.


Wild Ark has a mission to protect the biodiversity of the various green belts around the world and conserving wildlife. Wild Ark is also researching and creating opportunities for people to not only become inspired by nature, but to also protect it.


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Eric Lefkofsky-The CEO and Co-Founder of Tempus Is Bringing a New Approach to the Treatment of Cancer

There is no doubt that a huge percentage of people nowadays are succumbing to cancer-related complications. Although there have been tremendous efforts by researchers and scientists to bring this menace to a halt, still there are gaps that need to be filled. According to Eric Lefkofsky, the CEO and the co-founder of Tempus, there is the lack of adequate data that is required by doctors to treat various types of cancer successfully. Speaking at the Fortune Brainstorm Health Conference held in San Diego, Erick said that what is missing is a source to combine genomic data with therapeutic data.

According to Erick, researchers strive to collect only one type of data, which has not borne significant fruits in the fight against cancer. He continued to say that, gathering molecular data is not enough, researchers also need clinical, therapeutic and outcome response data. Therefore, it means that besides knowing about the patient’s RNA and DNA information, clinicians should strive to know which treatments the patients are taking and how they are responding to it.For instance, if one is doing research on a group of breast cancer patients receiving Herceptin, then they should be in a position to explain why it works on say 40% and not on 60% of the patients. The researcher should be able to explain what is going on with the patients who are not responding to the treatment. Eric Lefkofsky gave a case scenario where if a researcher went to any cancer center and requested data of patients who underwent Herceptin treatment, they would need a grant and at least three months to access the information. He said that there should be a free flow of data between clinicians, researchers, and other people engaging in the fight against cancer.

About Tempus

Tempus is a technology firm that has built an operating system to fight cancer. Eric Lefkofsky is the CEO and co-founder of Tempus. He has co-founded other companies such as the Lightbank. Lightbank is a venture fund that has invested in disruptive technologies. After creating a successful empire, Eric Lefkofsky decided to give back to the society where he served through his Family Foundation, which he launched in 2006. Through his devotion to serving humanity, Eric Lefkofsky has been tasked with high-ranking positions in the Society where he serves as the Chairman and a Trustee of the board for several organizations.

Eric Lefkofsky Just Wants To Help The World

Doctors in today’s world are fully capable of managing cancer, the main issue is keeping doctors up to date with the correct data. Whether it is modernizing treatment options or keeping up to speed on patient records, the medical industry would flourish if the exchange of data had become more efficient.Eric Lefkofsky is the founder of Tempus, the ultimate database solution that will keep medical professionals in touch with the modern perspective of cancer treatments. Patient data may be combined within their system to determine genetic predisposition to cancer formation.Clinical data is highly valuable, but the truth about our knowledge about cancer will not come out without content data from the patient response. The medical industry is still purely based on theoretics and positive speculation at best. Eric’s theory is that patients may have different responses to treatments based on their genetics. Billions of dollars in chemotherapy and other reactionary treatments are going to waste for some people.

Herceptin is the most common medication that is initially used for breast cancer patients. The issue is that it only works for 40% of women and the research team is still clueless as for why it has that success rate. Other health factors may come into play, but the medical industry rarely takes note of the seemingly subtle details.Eric Lefkofsky is a well-rounded entrepreneur with a deep background in the technology industry. He is the co-founder of one of the biggest e-commerce marketplaces, Groupon. He is also the founder of the venture capital firm Lightbank. With all of his ventures, he now has a net worth of nearly $2 billion.

Eric is also running multiple charitable organizations. The Lefkofsky Foundation branches out into multiple fields including education, medical research, cultural enrichment and more. The organization is run by both him and his wife. They are also active contributors to The Giving Pledge. TGP is an organization made up of millionaires and billions that have signed agreements to give the majority of their wealth to select charitable organizations. Eric is just a tiny fraction of the cause since the entire fund is worth $365 billion.

The Wessex Institute of Technology Is The Center of Scientific Reasearch

The Wessex Institute of technology is located at the entrance of the New Forest National Park. This park had been used as a private hunting ground for many generations of royalty before becoming a national park. The greenery, wildlife and rural villages cover the majority of the area. The institute stands out as the most unique and significant location within the area.

The organization is known for their research programs with other European universities. Universita di Siena, Universidad de Granada and the University of the West of England are some of their notable partners. Many private and public organizations fund their research.

The institute also has a very popular publishing project known as the WITPress. They have opened up over 30,000 reasearch papers for public viewing. Anybody can go to the WITPress page and search through the papers to find what they need. They may also download the documents as a PDF file for free.

Alexandre Gama Finds Success In The Brazilian Advertising Industry

In 1982 the Brazilian advertising industry saw the arrival of one of its brightest stars when Alexandre Gama arrived as a writer at the Standard & Ogilvy agency; Gama would go on to work with some of the best advertising agencies in the country as he began a career that would lead the Rio de Janeiro born creative to the very top of the global marketing industry. Alexandre Gama set out on his own with the establishment of his Neogama ad agency in 1999 that was quickly rewarded for some fine work with a Golden lion at Cannes in its first year in operation. Neogama became a global force in advertising when a partnership was created with the London based BBH brand that allowed Alexandre Gama to take the skills he has developed in Brazil to London and beyond and continue his career on the largest possible scale.


Paul Mampilly, Investment Genius

The innovation and pure market talent of former Hedge fund manager, Paul Mampilly, has astounded the investment community. In a recent article that talked about his Prowess in this field, Mampilly’s praises were sung.

Paul Mampilly began his career on Wall Street where he put twenty years of experience under his belt working for such companies as ING, Deutsche Bank and Kinetics International. In 2009 he turned a $50 million investment into $88 million (a 76% gain), in the middle of the financial crisis, which won him an investment competition by the Templeton Foundation. Last year he signed on with Banyan Hill Publishing in order to create the revolutionary and rapidly growing newsletter Profits Unlimited. The newsletter has more than 60,000 subscribers and is meant to be a guide for not-so-savvy Americans to find profitable investment opportunities.

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Mampilly sends out an eight page news letter with stock recommendations once a month on Profits Unlimited. Eleven out of thirteen of Paul’s recommendations are profitable and one of them is even up 160%. He updates a model portfolio on one or two stocks once a week and even tracks their progress on the site.

Instead of investing on behalf of his subscribers, he allows them to invest their own funds with their own brokerage account. This gives them the freedom to decide for themselves which stocks to invest in, making the experience more controllable than traditional methods. All in all, his subscribers are more than happy with his advice and can see his experience and expertise in the results of his recommendations.

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Beneful Gets Grows as Prepared Meals Become Popular with Consumers

Beneful Prepared Meals have become very popular in recent years. This is a company that has grown in leaps and bounds, and there are a lot of people that love this brand. It has become the dog food that is considered on the of healthiest because it has vegetable accents and real meats.The thing that many people like about this company is that is has coupons that are available through the Beneful website. It is easy to save with these coupons, and people that sign up through the website can acquire coupons for Beneful regularly. The Beneful Healthy Weight is one of the most popular dog food brands on the market at the moment. It is perfect for any pet owners that has dogs that may be considered overweight.

The Beneful Chopped Blends are also quite impressive as well. There are several types of Chopped Blends that are available, and the variety is what is driving this company. Chicken, carrots and peas are the blends that are available as ingredients in these meals. There are also other ingredients like wild rice and sweet potatoes that have also made this a very delectable dog food variety for dogs. This is the wet dog food that is become very popular with dogs.

The Beneful Prepared Meals have become very popular in the last couple of years because it is a brand that gives people the chance to feed their dogs with healthy choices. There is no shortage in the amount of variety that is available through this brand. That is one reason that this company has become so popular with consumers. The meats are real, and the vegetable variety is abundant. These two things have made pet owners gravitate towards this company. Consumers are intrigued with the abundant prepared meal choices.

Plus Sized People Are Given Consideration By Kate Hudson and Fabletics as Well

One of the issues that people are faced with in fashion is finding the right size. It can be very tough for people to find the clothes that they want in the size that fits them. It is very common for people to go to different stores in order to find that the items they want are not in their size. For one thing, people often travel to their favorite store in the hopes that there is at least one of the item in the size that they normally wear However, they commonly find that there is nothing in their size that they commonly wear.


To make things worse is that the ones that are given very little to work with is the plus-sized individual. They often find themselves watching in despair as many of the items that they would’ve loved to wear go in and out of the market because they do not have anything in their size. One of the most frustrating things for the person that is larger than usual is that they are left with some of the most basic clothes. As a result, they are not very likely to find something that they can enjoy.


Kate Hudson has seen this issue with people who are of a greater than normal size. She has also seen how the fashion industry often leaves larger people out of the fun. It is as if the fashion industry has a bit of resentment towards people because they are a bit larger. Fortunately, Kate Hudson has decided to take Fabletics and make it into an all inclusive brand. Therefore, plus sized women have a chance to check out some of the fun clothes that look and feel very good to them. This initiative has turned out to be a hit among plus sized women.


One thing that Kate Hudson shows Fabletics as being is thoughtful and creative. Larger people have a hard time finding something very stylish in their size. Kate Hudson has sought to make the search easier for larger people. Fashion is not meant to be enjoyed by people that are smaller or average in size exclusively. It is a tough feeling to be left out. This is the type of feeling that Fabletics has been designed to prevent. Instead, Fabletics wants people to have their own perimeters. As Fabletics grows, they will become one of the largest suppliers of style.

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The New Name For JustFab

There have been a lot of plans to change the name of JustFab for a while. This is because of the success of the company. Adam Goldenberg himself has announced his plans to change the name of the company in an interview. He did want it to sound a little more professional. They have recently come up with a new name for the online subscription e-commerce fashion retailer. This new name is TechStyle. To go along with the new name, they have launched a website for the company. This website goes into what the company is doing in order to influence the trends around the globe.


One thing that makes JustFab such a popular company among people who care about fashion is the type of products they offer at a low price. For one thing, they run their business with the belief that products that are high in quality should never be priced so high that they are unattainable. Instead, they make sure that the products that are really stylish and are made of great material are priced at a reasonable rate so that people could afford it. In other words, Adam Goldenberg wants to make style and fashion for more people than just the wealthy.


One of the reasons that some clothes are very costly at some stores is because the stores that sell the products do not make the products directly. Instead, the stores that sell a multitude of brands, buy the products wholesale. They have to sell the products at a certain price so that they can pay the manufacturer, the distributor, the people that make the products and a bunch of other parties involved. JustFab has in house designers and they do not have to worry about any distributor. This cuts down on the costs of the items.


One thing that could be said for Adam Goldenberg is since the brand sells its own clothes, then there is more likely to be a greater variety of products that are being sold. This gives women even more to choose from when it comes to styles and accessories.