Fabletics: Watch Out Amazon!

Look out Amazon, Fabletics is gaining up more and more market share as the largest online distributor of athletic wear. Just a few short years ago, Fabletics was simply a startup idea by Kate Hudson and TechStyle Fashion Group.


How Fabletics Brings the Showroom to You

When Kate and TechStyle founded Fabletics, they wanted it to be something different. They wanted it to be a new and bright company. They wanted it to meet the needs of today’s evolving consumer. Today’s consumer needs a shopping experience that transitions seamlessly from website to mobile experience. Fabletics puts technology first by utilizing a reverse showroom strategy. What this means is that they bring the showroom to you digitally, rather than forcing consumers to go into a physical retail location and shop. This reverse showroom technique has become a staple of today’s brand’s strategy. However, at the time Fabletics was founded it was a relatively new concept.


The membership model was also a new concept at the time. Instead of searching giant sites like Amazon to find one piece and in doing so spending countless hours looking at styles or to save a few dollars, Fabletics delivers a full outfit to your doorstep every month.


Kate Hudson’s Role with Fabletics

TechStyle had seen many successful online fashion ventures and immediately saw the growing trend for athletic wear that was fashionable. The co-owners knew that Kate Hudson was the best choice to represent the brand. When they reached out to her to co-found Fabletics, she jumped at the opportunity. Kate Hudson has always been known as a bit of an athletic guru and has a smart head for business as well as acting talent. However, Hudson didn’t want to simply be the fact of Fabletics. She wanted to be a true part of the company.


Today, she is a major part of the leadership team at Fabletics. She attends sales meetings, checks sales data, guides social media strategy, and, of course, brings her bright personality to the advertising strategy. She even noted that she checks sales figured on a weekly basis and is knowledgeable about how every Fabletics piece is doing with members.


To learn more about Fabletics and to find your style, you can take the fun Lifestyle quiz on the Fabletics. It is just a few short questions and will tailor your Fabletics style specifically to your preferences!

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