Plastic Surgery Options for Everyone

When you are looking at options for your plastic surgery, you may not know what to look for with it. Dr Walden is a great source for all of your questions and a great person to work with to get the best look for yourself.

Who is Dr Walden?
When you think of Plastic Surgery Doctors, you probably think of going to places that are in big cities like New York. This is true for some, but Dr Walden is based in Austin Texas and is a great place to get the surgery you want. Dr Walden worked in New York for a time before moving back to Texas to be close to her family. She worked with some high profile people as well that followed her to Texas to get the work they wanted done.

What to Ask Before Your Surgery?
There are some things you should ask before you have your surgery. The biggest is what will happen after the surgery. Most want to know this because it’s the thing that will be on their mind. They might not have any questions about the surgery itself because they may have already asked this or they might have looked it up on line. Plus, Dr Walden is very good at explaining everything that is going to happen from start to finish.

There are so many things you may be thinking about when you look into getting this kind of surgery. You only need to worry about what makes you comfortable. This way you will be happy with the results you get and you will will know exactly what is going to happen. The last thing you want is to worry about your surgery when you don’t have to. Take your time and make sure you know everything you can. What are you waiting for? Dr Walden can help get you looking and feeling great. Follow Walden

Fabletics: Watch Out Amazon!

Look out Amazon, Fabletics is gaining up more and more market share as the largest online distributor of athletic wear. Just a few short years ago, Fabletics was simply a startup idea by Kate Hudson and TechStyle Fashion Group.


How Fabletics Brings the Showroom to You

When Kate and TechStyle founded Fabletics, they wanted it to be something different. They wanted it to be a new and bright company. They wanted it to meet the needs of today’s evolving consumer. Today’s consumer needs a shopping experience that transitions seamlessly from website to mobile experience. Fabletics puts technology first by utilizing a reverse showroom strategy. What this means is that they bring the showroom to you digitally, rather than forcing consumers to go into a physical retail location and shop. This reverse showroom technique has become a staple of today’s brand’s strategy. However, at the time Fabletics was founded it was a relatively new concept.


The membership model was also a new concept at the time. Instead of searching giant sites like Amazon to find one piece and in doing so spending countless hours looking at styles or to save a few dollars, Fabletics delivers a full outfit to your doorstep every month.


Kate Hudson’s Role with Fabletics

TechStyle had seen many successful online fashion ventures and immediately saw the growing trend for athletic wear that was fashionable. The co-owners knew that Kate Hudson was the best choice to represent the brand. When they reached out to her to co-found Fabletics, she jumped at the opportunity. Kate Hudson has always been known as a bit of an athletic guru and has a smart head for business as well as acting talent. However, Hudson didn’t want to simply be the fact of Fabletics. She wanted to be a true part of the company.


Today, she is a major part of the leadership team at Fabletics. She attends sales meetings, checks sales data, guides social media strategy, and, of course, brings her bright personality to the advertising strategy. She even noted that she checks sales figured on a weekly basis and is knowledgeable about how every Fabletics piece is doing with members.


To learn more about Fabletics and to find your style, you can take the fun Lifestyle quiz on the Fabletics. It is just a few short questions and will tailor your Fabletics style specifically to your preferences!

James Dondero is Appointed to the Bush Center’s Executive Advisory Council

In January 2018, Kenneth Hersh, the President and CEO of the George W. Bush Presidential Center appointed James Dondero to the foundation’s Executive Advisory Council. James Dondero and his financial services company, Highland Capital Management have been avid supporters of the Bush Center since its inception in 2012. Donating more than $5 million since then Highland Capital has just announced an additional $10 million endowment to the Bush Center for its “Engage at the Bush Center” events. The events include discussions, debates and interactions that broaden people’s minds, which leads to acceptance and appreciation of diversity and change. Read more about James at Crunchbase.

James Dondero has always been a philanthropist and supporter of cultural and educational institutions. He co-founded Highland Capital Management with Mark Okada in 1993. As President, James runs Highland with his ideals of giving back to the community. He believes there’s no point in doing business and accumulating wealth if you don’t give back.


James Dondero earned his bachelors degree in accounting and finance from the University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce in 1984. After completing his degree he joined American Express in 1985. Later, he gained valuable knowledge and experience with JP Morgan and Protective Life. He turned Protective Life’s start-up GIV into a $2 billion subsidiary and now he manages over $16 billion in assets through Highland Capital. His career is immaculate and his ideals incorruptible. He focuses his ideals into Highland Capital to make sure it gives back to the community in which it operates. Whether it is in Sao Paulo, Singapore or Dallas Highland Capital gives back to the society through donations, endowments and educational institutions. In Dallas, his contributions to Universities and educational programs have made it easier for everyone to get an education.

In 2015, James’s principles and work ethic made Highland Capital one of the best places to work according to the Dallas Business Journal. He has contributed to the local Dallas community through millions of dollars in educational donations and developing the local community. Today, James Dondero is known as Dallas’s Philanthropy Hero for his constant commitment to make the world a better place. Read more about James Dondero at Daily Forex Report.

Aloha Construction is Very Good at What They Do

If you are living in either Illinois or Southern Wisconsin then Aloha Construction may be right for you. This company is a construction company that specializes in the areas of roofing, siding, gutter alignment, and door/window work. The company is located in Illinois and most of their business occurs there.

Aloha Construction is very good at what they do. Their workers are experienced and trained to work. They are very helpful to their customers and pay close attention to detail. Roofing is the first specialty job of this company. Roofing is tough to accomplish alone. The job can be dangerous but it is also exhausting. Let workers at Aloha Construction do the job for you. They will perform a nine step inspection prior to starting the process. By doing so they are able to determine the exact style that will best fit your roof. The next specialty job of this company is siding. You may wonder exactly what is so important about siding.

Siding not only protects your home from the weather but it also gives it a personal look and feel. Workers at Aloha Construction are very experienced in siding. They know how to make their customers happy and they get the job done in a very timely manner. Gutters are the next topic of work. Gutters serve the purpose of guiding water off and away from your roof. Without proper alignment of your gutters you may face a number of issues. Lack of proper gutter work may possibly result in leaks, mold, and many other issues. Allow Aloha Construction to take over so that you do not face these issues. Door and window replacements is another job that people often contact Aloha Construction for. Doors and windows are heavy and it makes them tough to work with.

Instead of risking a mess up you should contact professionals. Both doors and windows require proper installation to serve their purpose. They need to be sealed in place and be able to protect your home. This company can help you accomplish any of the following tasks. Check them out today!

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