What One Needs to Know When Preparing For Life Line Screening

Living healthily is one of the fundamental motivations of human behavior. It motivates people to go to lengths to ensure that they are functioning at an optimum level both physically and psychologically. Life Line Screening is one of the prominent health providers that provide intensive and comprehensive testing services.

The company was founded in Florida, the USA in the year 1993 by Timothy Phillips and Collin Scully. It has since expanded to the United Kingdom and Australia. It earned its Better Business Bureau accreditation in 1996.
It is paramount for one to schedule an appointment with the Life line screening clinics in a quest to being proactive in living healthy. When gearing up for testing, the following points would be critical to pay attention to:

What should one wear?

Most of the screening procedures are friendly. However, it is vital to wear clothes that are comfortable and easy to pull off. For example, for a carotid artery screening, it’s advisable to wear a short-sleeved shirt that is open at the collar as opposed to a turtleneck. Wear loose-fitting clothes that can easily be manipulated.

What should one expect?

The health personnel are competent on how to handle every client with care and empathy. They will respectfully guide you in every step of screening process.

Some of the testing procedures require fasting for a period of time. For example, screening for type-2 diabetes requires one to fast 8 hours prior the procedure.

The ultrasound screening is typically painless and non-invasive. Most of the procedures are painless, and the benefits far outweigh the anxiety one might have when walking in for the check-up.

The Benefits

The major advantage to screening is the peace of mind after one learns how they are doing physically. If one learns that they have a pending health condition, they can actively seek a medical solution to it. If they learn that there is no cause for worry, then they can sleep well at night. In conclusion, preventive medicine is the most efficient way to living a healthy life.

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