Beneful Gets Grows as Prepared Meals Become Popular with Consumers

Beneful Prepared Meals have become very popular in recent years. This is a company that has grown in leaps and bounds, and there are a lot of people that love this brand. It has become the dog food that is considered on the of healthiest because it has vegetable accents and real meats.The thing that many people like about this company is that is has coupons that are available through the Beneful website. It is easy to save with these coupons, and people that sign up through the website can acquire coupons for Beneful regularly. The Beneful Healthy Weight is one of the most popular dog food brands on the market at the moment. It is perfect for any pet owners that has dogs that may be considered overweight.

The Beneful Chopped Blends are also quite impressive as well. There are several types of Chopped Blends that are available, and the variety is what is driving this company. Chicken, carrots and peas are the blends that are available as ingredients in these meals. There are also other ingredients like wild rice and sweet potatoes that have also made this a very delectable dog food variety for dogs. This is the wet dog food that is become very popular with dogs.

The Beneful Prepared Meals have become very popular in the last couple of years because it is a brand that gives people the chance to feed their dogs with healthy choices. There is no shortage in the amount of variety that is available through this brand. That is one reason that this company has become so popular with consumers. The meats are real, and the vegetable variety is abundant. These two things have made pet owners gravitate towards this company. Consumers are intrigued with the abundant prepared meal choices.

Plus Sized People Are Given Consideration By Kate Hudson and Fabletics as Well

One of the issues that people are faced with in fashion is finding the right size. It can be very tough for people to find the clothes that they want in the size that fits them. It is very common for people to go to different stores in order to find that the items they want are not in their size. For one thing, people often travel to their favorite store in the hopes that there is at least one of the item in the size that they normally wear However, they commonly find that there is nothing in their size that they commonly wear.


To make things worse is that the ones that are given very little to work with is the plus-sized individual. They often find themselves watching in despair as many of the items that they would’ve loved to wear go in and out of the market because they do not have anything in their size. One of the most frustrating things for the person that is larger than usual is that they are left with some of the most basic clothes. As a result, they are not very likely to find something that they can enjoy.


Kate Hudson has seen this issue with people who are of a greater than normal size. She has also seen how the fashion industry often leaves larger people out of the fun. It is as if the fashion industry has a bit of resentment towards people because they are a bit larger. Fortunately, Kate Hudson has decided to take Fabletics and make it into an all inclusive brand. Therefore, plus sized women have a chance to check out some of the fun clothes that look and feel very good to them. This initiative has turned out to be a hit among plus sized women.


One thing that Kate Hudson shows Fabletics as being is thoughtful and creative. Larger people have a hard time finding something very stylish in their size. Kate Hudson has sought to make the search easier for larger people. Fashion is not meant to be enjoyed by people that are smaller or average in size exclusively. It is a tough feeling to be left out. This is the type of feeling that Fabletics has been designed to prevent. Instead, Fabletics wants people to have their own perimeters. As Fabletics grows, they will become one of the largest suppliers of style.

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The New Name For JustFab

There have been a lot of plans to change the name of JustFab for a while. This is because of the success of the company. Adam Goldenberg himself has announced his plans to change the name of the company in an interview. He did want it to sound a little more professional. They have recently come up with a new name for the online subscription e-commerce fashion retailer. This new name is TechStyle. To go along with the new name, they have launched a website for the company. This website goes into what the company is doing in order to influence the trends around the globe.


One thing that makes JustFab such a popular company among people who care about fashion is the type of products they offer at a low price. For one thing, they run their business with the belief that products that are high in quality should never be priced so high that they are unattainable. Instead, they make sure that the products that are really stylish and are made of great material are priced at a reasonable rate so that people could afford it. In other words, Adam Goldenberg wants to make style and fashion for more people than just the wealthy.


One of the reasons that some clothes are very costly at some stores is because the stores that sell the products do not make the products directly. Instead, the stores that sell a multitude of brands, buy the products wholesale. They have to sell the products at a certain price so that they can pay the manufacturer, the distributor, the people that make the products and a bunch of other parties involved. JustFab has in house designers and they do not have to worry about any distributor. This cuts down on the costs of the items.


One thing that could be said for Adam Goldenberg is since the brand sells its own clothes, then there is more likely to be a greater variety of products that are being sold. This gives women even more to choose from when it comes to styles and accessories.

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg’s E-commerce Investments.

Don Ressler is a leading businessperson who has developed various businesses that are based on creativity. He started by founding the, which he sold to Intermix Media in 2001. He then met with Adam Goldenberg who was the COO of Intermix Media at that time. The two had excellent knowledge on e-commerce, and therefore, they partnered and formed Alena Media. The company made millions of dollars for Intermix Media. The ownership of the Intermix Media was transferred to the News Corp in 2005, and it later became less profitable due to ineffective management.


Goldenberg and Ressler then left the company and formed a new branding business with help from experts who formerly worked for Alena Media. The firm that they created was known as Brand Ideas, and it was later changed to Intelligent Beauty. They decided to expand the business by establishing DERMSTORE, which is a venture that sold cosmetics and skin care products. Two years later they invested in weight loss products by founding SENSA. The two subsidiaries of the Intermix Media, which are SENSA and DERMSTORE, have been highly profitable. Don and his associate offered financial support to their business for the first two years. The first funding that they received was $43 million from Technology Crossover Ventures.


Intelligence Beauty established JustFab as its third party venture. The firm started in 2010 and was offered a $33 million funding by the Matrix Partners. Kimora Lee Simons supervises its creativity. The enterprise developed at a fast rate, and it had gained 4 million subscribers by September 2010. It had more than six million members by the April 2012, and this made its future clear. It was, therefore, able to seek for more funding and got $76 million from Rho Ventures, Intelligent Beauty, Crossover Ventures, and the Matrix Partners. JustFab decided to reach more clients by forming branches such as FabKids that deals with children’s fashion and Fabletics, which is a sportswear expert. The company also acquired Fab Shoes, which is popular in Europe and it has assisted it to gain more than three million members. Just Fab has been offered funds that total up to more than $250 million.



Waiakea Water Rewards One Lucky Fan

Over the past few years, Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water has been revolutionizing the bottled beverage industry. It’s been called the world’s greatest tasting, purest, sustainable water. It’s also one of the most charitable beverage companies in America. Nearly a fifth of all Waiakea revenue goes to local and global organizations benefitting human betterment.

The famous water originates as snowmelt and rainfall on one of Hawaii’s volcanoes. It’s then filtered through thousands of feet of volcanic rock where it is naturally enriched with minerals.

According to Forbes, eventually, the purified, enriched water spurts out of Waiakea springs. It’s then packaged at the source, at a facility that is the first bottled water in America to be CarbonNeutral certified.

After a few years of immense success, Waiakea has decided to host a contest that will reward one lucky follower the chance to enjoy Hawaii at the Wanderlust Yoga Festival. The contest is open to anyone who follows Waiakea water on social media. The #FollowYourFlow contest is set to end January 31, 2017.

The contest is part of Waiakea’s commitment to promoting a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Whoever wins the contest will receive a round-trip flight to Oahu. The flight is compliments of Skyscanner, who’s supplying the airfare up to $1000. According to PR News Wire, Waiakea water also wants to use the contest to promote their naturally alkaline and electrolyte-rich volcanic water.

The Wanderlust Yoga Festival is set to take place on February 23rd – 26th. The festival will feature world-renowned yoga instructors, open meditation sessions, live music performances, numerous guided outdoor adventures, and locally harvested foods. The entire festival represents the sustainable and environmentally friendly attributes that Waiakea embraces. Learn more about Waiakea water:

Fans who want a chance to win the free Hawaiian vacation can either be followers of Waiakea or Skyscanner. Whichever the case, fans can enter the contest by going to the contest page and submitting their name, email, and birthdate. After the first entry, an additional way to enter will appear. They can enter a second time for a better chance of winning the Oahu trip.

Meet Adam Goldenberg, the CEO Who Uses Tech to Sell Fashion

If you do not know the name Adam Goldenberg by now, then you have an idea of the brains behind the rising franchise JustFab. Built in LA recently named him as one of the top 3 LA CEOs you should have on speed dial. And CNBC was recently wowed by his ingenious approach in marketing his cloth line.


Interview with CNBC


Adam is the co-owner of JustFab alongside his campus friend and long-time business partner Don Ressler. In his interview with CNBC, Mr. Goldenberg officially announced that JustFab was rebranding and will now be known as TechStyle Fashion Company. This new name, as Adam commented, is in line with his company’s vision of tapping into the future of fashion through technology.


TechStyle is one of the few companies, and probably the market leader that leverages on tech to build their brand. They have an online VIP membership with over 1 million subscribers for their fashion line. This immense success doesn’t come as a surprise given Adam and his co-CEO are always in the spirit of winning.


Adam’s entrepreneurial journey


Built in LA chronicles his rise into the fashion industry as an ambitious Techpreneur from the Silicon Valley. Before venturing into the fashion apparels, Adam’s first venture was a gaming company, Network Gamers Alliance, which enjoyed 2 years of success before he sold it to Intermix Media. He later launched a second company, Intelligent Beauty, which was a pilot incubator that not only sold health products but also researched the various gaps in the beauty and fashion industry.


It is from these giant leaps that JustFab, now TechStyle, was found, tapping into a pre-existing market that rival companies had often overlooked. TechStyle’s biggest strength is leveraging on the internet to push their products closer to the consumer. Most of the brand campaigns are launched online with a flexible membership program that benefits the client the more they buy.


TechStyle the future of fashion


Today TechStyle enjoys its break even, being able to fund most of their project without heavy reliance on angel investments. But raising funds is worth mentioning in Adam’s story, him and his business partner managed to raise over $55 million which they used to launch JustFab. TechStyle’s celebrity status membership is currently enjoyed in several states in the US, and over 5 countries worldwide.


How they win is quite simple; through technology they listen to customer feedback and make amends with the information they gather. This way, they are able to make projections on the future of fashion and avoid obsolete inventories by producing only what their millions of subscribers want.