An Insight Into IAP Worldwide

IAP Worldwide is a company that is based in the United States of America. However, the company has offices elsewhere in the world such as London, United Kingdom, Africa and the Middle East. As of today, the company has over two thousand employees, and it’s offering services in more than twenty-five countries worldwide. The major services offered by IAP this great institution includes global scale statistics, technical services and facilities management. IAP Worldwide major clients include the US government, Non-governmental organizations and also different corporations worldwide. The company has been in existence since the 1960’s.

IAP Worldwide has a reputation of exceeding most of its customers’ expectations by offering the best services there is. In its existence, IAP Worldwide has been guided by key factors that have been very crucial to its existence. These factors include corporate responsibility, its history, partners and its leadership and mission and values. IAP Worldwide uses the most advanced and proven technology to solve its client’s needs.

The company has a reputation of shouldering their clients’ needs as if they were their needs. The company maintains a pool of very experienced employees and continues to attract the best talent in the market on The values of this institution tell how the institution is committed to its clients. Some of its values are to act swiftly, with responsibility and at the same time act nicely. Another value of IAP Worldwide is to pursue learning and growth, practice rigor and at the same time practice Intellectual curiosity. The leadership of these company believes in trust, passion, and teamwork.

In the past, IAP Worldwide have supported the US troops on whenever they have gone. The company achieves this through the Irmo Company which is a branch of IAP Worldwide. This branch specializes in logistics and procurement for the US troops.

Another reason why IAP Worldwide has succeeded is its commitment to partner with other people and institutions. IAP Worldwide is always looking for an opportunity to partner with other people so as to positively impact this world. IAP Worldwide has gained a reputation for the corporate policies that the firm has put in place. Some of these policies include combating trafficking in persons as well as ensuring that they uphold a drug and alcohol-free workplace. The company also upholds all environmental, safety and health policies to ensure that their employees work in a safe place and no harm could occur due to negligence. Currently, the Chief Executive Officer of IAP Worldwide is Douglas Kitani at

Doe Deere’s Advice To Future Cosmetic Entrepreneurs

When Doe Deere walks into a room, heads turn. Her eyes are emerald green. Her lips form a perfect pout. Her makeup is flawlessly painted on, like one of the stacking dolls from her birthplace, Russia. Her hair color is assorted with her clothing: robin-blue, daisy-yellow, fiery-orange-red, or flamingo-pink.

Women have always been enamored by her adventurous, carefree style. At the same time, Doe Deere started feeling frustrated by the limited choices of cosmetics that were available. The palettes were geared towards a “natural look,” and didn’t have the range of colors that she was looking for. Her natural entrepreneurial spirit drove her to create Lime Crime Cosmetics in 2008. Since its inception, Doe Deere has successfully created a niche makeup line. She has even crowned herself “Queen of the Unicorns,” as she calls her followers.

So how does one go about becoming magical makeup royalty? In her interview with ”Lime Crime’s Doe Deere On How To Make Your Dreams Come True”, Deere invites ambitious girls to follow their hearts. She believes that everyone has a special talent and that nurturing that talent is the key to success.

For instance, Deere moved to New York City in 1998 with dreams of becoming a professional musician. From the music business, she learned how to market herself and how to turn her passion into a career. She realized that making music is only half of the job, having people show up is another challenging half of the business. The fruit of her musical effort was confidence to promote herself, but she also gained a life partner- her husband. They met as bandmates and learn to collaborate together as music makers.

In spite of her success as a musician, she knew that she needed to “go where you love.” What Doe Deere loves more than making music is creating fashion and makeup. She enrolled in the Fashion Institute of Technology and majored in Fashion Design. For Deere, makeup is the ultimate in self-expression. She can decorate her body with as much color and glitter as her heart desires. Her beauty isn’t the goal, it is just a byproduct of pleasing herself.

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Securus Technologies Issues Press Release

Securus Technologies is one of the leading providers of criminal and civil justice technology services for investigations, monitoring, and corrections. Just recently, the company decided to issue corrections to a press release that was issued by one of its main competitors, Global Tel. The press release was issued this year in May, but Securus Technologies felt that it was misleading to the public.


Securus Technologies had previously released a statement announcing the Patent Trial and Appeal Board had decided to validate twenty-five claims out of the twenty-seven. This was a true victory for Securus Technologies, but GTL decided to issue a statement that was clearly misleading. According to the management in Securus, the inaccurate statements is already in public, and it was important to correct it and provide clarification to the consumers.


Richard Smith is the Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies, and he says that the decision by GTL did not come as a surprise to them. Smith says that it was easy for GTL to mischaracterize the Patent Trial and Appeal Board ruling. This was a move by GTL to prove that Securus Technologies did not have adequate technologies, and the software development was not enough. However, the idea did not work.


Securus Technologies is headquartered in Texas, and it offers its services to over three thousand law enforcement, public safety and correction agencies in the United States. The privately held institution provides its services to more than one million inmates in Northern America, and it is recognized for providing inmates with the high-quality services at affordable rates. Since the company was founded, it has done its best to ensure that prisoners in the country communicate with their loved ones using the latest technologies. The company has introduced visitation options for the inmates, making visitation better and more affordable for the families and loved ones.




Uncovering the Story Behind EOS Lip Balm

There are so much creativity and detail that goes into developing new products to compete with old conventional products. Seven years ago, EOS lip balm stepped into the lip balm market and soon cornered it. EOS products took up shelf space in the main retail stores all over the country. Beauty editors such as Allure and Cosmo wouldn’t stop raving about EOS Products especially after top celebrities were spotted using in.

EOS, Evolution of Smooth in full has grown to become the second best lip balm seller in the US. The company is currently valued at over $250 million and generates $1 million in sales weekly. With that growth trend, the company is set to reach the projected $2 billion mark by 2020. EOS co-founder and managing partner, Sanjiv Mehra, claimed that their focus as a company was to create and distribute products.


The focus is now shifting a little bit with Sanjiv claiming the consumers want to know more about the business and its values. Sanjiv who has a rich background in serving at fast moving consumer goods companies such as Pepsi and Unilever partnered with Jonathan Teller to form EOS.

Jonathan described their main driving factor to dive into the lip balm market was because the big players had stagnated and were ‘lazy.’ According to them, it was the perfect opportunity to enter the market with a fresh product that was distinguishable from that of the market competitors.

Their research into the market revealed a lot of information, which they used to grow the brand to where it is. Since women primarily consume lip balms, they focused their design to please women such that the product would offer a positive, fun and enjoyable experience when applying and hence its unique shape. A lot of thought went into designing the shape to not only distinguish them from the competition but to also make a product that is easy to use and stand the test of time.

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Christopher Burch: An Example of Success

Some people in this world just have a knack for knowing how to invest and be successful. Christopher Burch is one of those people. From a modest upbringing in Pennsylvania, he always looked up to his father. His dad made him work construction at the age of 13, and from then on, Christopher knew what it meant to make money.


Christopher attended Ithaca College, and while he was performing his studies he was also doing a little work on the side as an entrepreneur. He had several small business in his early years, such as running a hot dog stand for students. Eventually, he and his brother invested $2,000 in a business that they named Eagle’s Eye, which bought sweaters and sold them at a very large profit to students and community members. This business spread like a wildfire, and with his knowledge of how the consumer’s mind works and his earlier entrepreneurial experience, Christopher and his brother were able to expand the company to $140 million in sales by the end of the decade. Eagle’s Eye was soon sold for $165 million, giving Christopher the capital he needed to start the next phase of his career.


Christopher Burch is now the CEO and founder of Burch Creative Capital. He has used his entrepreneurial spirit and his love of investing to fund some of the largest brands and most lucrative businesses around today. He is heavily involved in the real estate markets around the globe, with luxury hotels being his favored investment. He is also invested in a new company called Cocoon9, which creates luxury prefabricated homes with space-saving floor plans. He is also heavily invested in apparel, taking on brands like TRADEMARK and C. Wonder, an apparel, accessories, and home décor company. He funded ED by Ellen DeGeneres as well, a successful apparel line by the famed TV host.


Christopher goes through his life thinking about the finer things. He does not want to waste his time and money on something that has been a thousand times before. He is a fan of finding those diamonds in the rough and then nursing them to grow and expand several times over. He wants his investments to be creative and disruptive. He wants them to make people turn their heads and wonder why something like that has never been done before. This is what has made Christopher Burch one of the most successful entrepreneurs and investors in the world.

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What You Should Know about Investment Banking

Investment banking is a branch of banking catering for the financial needs of individuals and organizations. They do so by providing information on financial services. Investment banks are the link between investors and security issuers.

Investment banking involves two major functions;

  • Consultation

This is the main role played by investment banking. They advise companies as well as individuals on the management of assets. This causes them to influence a company’s acquisition and mergers. Investment banking also provides information on buying and selling rates based on their research.

  • Transactions

Large companies are independent, take the advice of investment banks, and make decisions on their own. In the case of small companies, which are looking to expand, investment banking professionals help in the implementation of the advice given. Investment banks also provide security for companies issuing and the investors who are buying securities.

Martin Lustgarten’s success

Considering the changes in the economy, it is important to focus on the future. Planning ahead involves starting to act towards achieving the set goals. To make a good investment, one should take advice from the best people in the field. Martin Lustgarten would be the best choice. He is among the best in the field. He has taken advantage of his double citizenship to help clients for a long time. He practices what he advises and is an investor in many countries. Investing in many places enables him to take risks and benefit at the same time. Being an expert on market trends, he is able to act before his investment turns to losses. This also helps his clients as he also warns them on time.

Investors can look up to Martin Lustgarten as a role model. Despite him being good at what he does, he does not ignore the current trends. He is well informed on the global financial trends, which help him in making informed decisions. The current economy provides stability and various opportunities. Anyone who wishes to be successful in investment should watch and learn from experts like Martin Lustgarten. By doing so, you cannot invest in the wrong places.

I’ll Always Be A Fan Of FreedomPop Services

I want to get information straight from the horse’s mouth, so I read my own FreedomPop review because I was in the midst of switching phone companies. I liked the phone company I was with but wasn’t getting everything that I wanted or needed, so a switch to another company was inevitable. FreedomPop made the switch so easy for me, and the fact that I pay so little for the services makes me almost feel like I’m taking advantage of them! I’ve encouraged other family members to get on the FreedomPop train, but I know I’m the only one right now using their services.

I even have a friend that constantly complains about the high prices she’s paying to her service provider, but she still won’t switch over to FreedomPop because she feels a sense of loyalty to her company. I felt the same loyalty to my past phone company, but the constant rate hikes were too much for me. I know that when I stick with FreedomPop that I’ll only be paying a small fee of $19.99 per month, and I’ve never had a price hike since I’ve been with them. I also know exactly what comes with my plan.

I get unlimited talk, text messages, and my data is also included. I was worried about the data because I was told that I get 1 GB of 4G LTE data, but having 3G speeds after the 4G LTE data is depleted is just fine with me. I still surf the Internet and am able to watch videos and do everything normally with 3G speeds, so I’m satisfied with my service. I really can’t believe I’m only paying $19.99 for the service because it just seems too good to be true.

Another service that I also read about in the review was the Wi-Fi service, which is something that I’ve decided to pay for as well. Even though I can get by just fine with 3G data speeds, I sometimes need the higher speeds, which I can get with the Wi-Fi service. If I ever need to do some fast downloads on my phone, then using the Wi-Fi service to download the files will help me get the speeds I need to get it done quickly. I only pay five dollars each month for the Wi-Fi service, which is absolutely incredible. FreedomPop has made me a fan for life, and I don’t mind telling everyone.

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