Creating a Memorable and Outstanding Party in NYC

Lauren Conrad, a mogul in the entertainment industry, has extended her empire into a more personal space: your house. With her online fair-trade retailer, The Little Market, in addition her book Celebrate, Lauren is our modern day Martha Stewart, although she is coy to admit it.

The key to Lauren’s success, she says, is not worrying about everything being perfect. Lauren believes that perfect parties tend to seem fussy and uncomfortable. A bit of imperfection is more welcoming, putting others at ease. This will also result in your co-party planner being put at ease, without feeling the need to have their guests go out of their way to fit into a party theme. In Lauren’s case, this is her husband.

Lauren also stresses the importance of compromising in a relationship with collectible items that may also be featured for guests to see. While a husband and wife may not agree on collectible items, having a variety can keep everyone happy. The main purpose of entertaining should always be to have fun.

No matter what your vision is for your next party, Twenty Three Layers is able to help it come together. Based in New York City, Twenty Three layers is a full-service event planning and design company, looking to use their creativity and energy to fulfill your unique and stylish visions for your next event. Whether you are leaning towards a more simple theme like Lauren, or doing an exquisite event with many unique details, Twenty Three Layers will exceed any expectations with their demand for perfection.

It is easy to plan an event with Twenty Three Layers, as they have established secure relationships with other exclusive establishments and popular vendors. This will help to leave all of your worries aside during the experience of planning your event while working with knowledgeable and creative professionals. Their unforgettable events leave guests with memories of the latest trends in food, decoration, and entertainment. For a unique event, Twenty Three Layers is the premier event planning company to work with in New York City.

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