JustFab hires more leadership team members

The fashion industry is constantly evolving, and there are several major names at the top of the industry. One rising name throughout the industry is JustFab. JustFab Incorporated is a young startup, bu they have already launched several fashion subscription services.

Fabletics and ShoeDazzle have become incredibly popular with women around the country. Fabletics specializes in offering high-quality athleisure wear to women around the world, while ShoeDazzle primarily focuses on distributing fashionable shoes to people everywhere. Both subscription services have been extremely successful, but the start-up has grown too large for the original leadership team. JustFab knew that they had to add a Chief Financial Officer and President.

JustFab recently hired Todd Tappin as their new finance chief and president. Tappin has several years of experience within the industry. He recently served as Chief Operating Officer at the Rubicon Project. The Rubicon Project is a Los Angeles-based online advertising firm, and Tappin helped take the company public two years ago.

Tappin was also a managing director at the Gores Group, a powerful private equity firm. JustFab hopes that Tappin will bring his experience guiding young companies to JustFab. He is talented at guiding companies through the initial public offering process.

JustFab is an incredibly influential company, and they have already been through several rounds of funding. The company was valued at a billion dollars during their last round of fundraising. Many investors see JustFab as an amazing opportunity.

The company has released several positive figures to investors. They currently have 4 million VIP members, and they are on pace to earn $650 million this year. These statistics are extremely encouraging to investors throughout the world. Read more: Fashion Unicorn Startup JustFab Inc. Taps CFO With IPO Experience

Tappin has looked over Just Fab’s figures and he is extremely enthusiastic about the future for the company. He is not in a rush to make the IPO happy. Tappin says that the company is in a great position and the company has several options because of the position they are in.

An IPO would change JustFab’s strategic options in several major ways. The IPO would increase their financial arsenal and allow for debt and equity options. This would make acquiring other companies easier because they could easily get the funds they need to buyout a company.  Learn more about JustFab: https://pando.com/2014/08/28/breaking-justfab-raises-85m-at-what-sources-say-is-a-1b-valuation/

Overall, Tappin is extremely enthusiastic about JustFab’s future, and he looks forward to their IPO. He is not in a rush, but he expects the IPO to happen soon.

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